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WY Bio for Nerina Odin: Aiel CCed


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Character’s name: Nerina Odin

Age: 17

Place of Origin: Tear

Hair Color: Dark chocolate brown

Eye Color: same

Height: 5’8

Weight: 147lbs (66.7 kgs)

Brief History: (Hope you don’t mind it’s in story form)


"Pay attention Nerina! You’re liable to catch minnows like that."


A voice inside her head, that sounded much like Papa, prodded Nerina into

moving once more. "You’d think I was an ignorant from the country the way I

was staring," she thought to herself in disgust, "Instead of from great Tear

itself!" She maneuvered through the crowded streets of Tar Valon. "It's a

city like any other!" Granted, a city where Aes Sedai were the rule rather

than the exception. She tried to pay attention to her surroundings, but the

White Tower drew her like a lodestone.


Okay, so she didn’t actually live anywhere near the Stone. With Papa being a

fisherman, Nerina was more at home on the water than on land. But that

worked in her favor. It used up most of her savings, but she’d been able to

snag a berth on a merchant vessel. Riding the River Erinin all the way to

Tar Valon was infinitely better than having to brave a horse, as if she

could ever afford one anyway. And walking was equally unacceptable. Why,

she’d be in her dotage before she’d reach her destination.


"Pah! They’re just stories Nerina! No more real that the Grim what grabs

your feet in the shallows."


Nerina grimaced at an all-too-familiar echo of Papa’s favorite chastisement.

He didn’t approve of the fascination she held for the stories of the great

and terrible Aes Sedai, and the Gaidin, the warriors that rode beside them.

"Fairy tales," he would say often, and spit in disgust.


But every time she got the chance, Nerina would run down to the docks and

talk with the travelers, the merchants, the people who’d been beyond Tear

and swore that the Aes Sedai were as real as can be. Even the ones that

cursed her for asking such forbidden questions didn’t deter her thirst.


But then there was Sarah. The shy girl used to work in the market where Papa

and Nerina took their fish to sell, so they were acquainted, if barely. Then

it was discovered the girl had the spark. Papa was hard pressed to deny the

existence of the Aes Sedai then. He just mumbled something about the One

Power driving everyone mad eventually.


Nerina felt she owed Sarah something. The poor girl had been bundled up to

be sent immediately to Tar Valon, supposedly, but every time Nerina asked

about her, Papa shushed her. If Nerina had known more about what this whole

One Power was about, she might have been able to do something. "We might

have traveled together, and I might have become her Warder," she thought,

still vague on what the bond was about.


Nerina had always had a protective streak. Fishing and hauling nets with

Papa made her lean and dark. She was proficient with her fishing spear and

nets, and the neighborhood bullies quickly learned to leave her and hers

alone or they would get their own back.


"By the Stone, Nerina, what pike did you wrestle today, eh?"


Nerina smiled as she recalled the question Papa had asked every time she’d

come home from thrashing someone, or getting thrashed, though the latter

didn’t happen often. The smile faded as she looked upon the White Tower at

last. Supposedly, according to the helpful merchant that brought her here,

potential Aes Sedai and Warders walked through those gates.


More than anything, she wanted to prove her worth, to fight with and protect

the Aes Sedai like in the stories she’d heard. And prove to Papa they

weren’t just stories. "I hope he forgives me for leaving." But she was

afraid. "Is it obvious?" she thought, licking her lips nervously.


Taking a deep breath, Nerina walked forward.

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