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(Moved from Tinker DG) [Ball] Poetry Contest

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That was excellent Eclipse, and so funny Gwampy...made me giggle, and thanks for the limerick Lor.. :)

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hehe, cute little limerick! :)


lol, amusing story Grampy :P


and nice poem, Eclipse!


okay, I'm going to be judging the poetry contest. I'll be thinking over the submissions tonight and will announce the winner tomorrow. ;D


edit: actually, I prolly won't be on tomorrow. So I'm going to go ahead and announce the winner!


Grampa G, I really did like yours. It was funny and spontaneous, but you said it wasn't for the contest so I can't judge yours :P


Lor, it was a really cute limerick that made me giggle when I finally wasn't as tired to realize what it was ^^


Eclipse, you stuck to the theme of the holiday! How creative!





and the winner of the Poetry Contest is ---- Eclipse! Congratulations, buddy! Your poem will be featured in the Hornsounder for this month. Also, if you would like, you may request a siggy from Talya saying you won this year's contest. :)


all of the submissions were great this year! If it was up to me, all of you woulda won! ;D but sadly, that's not the way things work :P but good luck for next years competition! :D

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Well done to everyone, they were all brilliant.


Congrats Eclipse, let me know if you want that sig. :-*



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