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C. The One Power & Talents


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This is a UNIVERSAL system and applies to ALL groups.




Unlike most magic systems, a character’s strength in the One Power is stationary. Access to the full potential of a character's strength can be broken down by their skill and rank (EI. A novice is unlikely to have full understanding and fortitude to access all of their potential strength in comparison to a full-ranked Aes Sedai.)

In this regard, there is no way of gaining more One Power strength outside of using an Object of Power.

One Power is assigned on a 66 Strength Chart initially created by Rober Jordan himself. At this time Women are broken down between the lowest possible score capable of gaining the Shawl and the strongest being able to make usable Gateways. Men are given an even larger range of being incredibly weak but able to gain madness, to able to overpower a strong Aes Sedai through sheer force or power.

The Purpose of allowing men a larger range is two-fold. One, this reflects the unchecked imbalance that the Taint had on men within the books. Two, to create a more dynamic storyline, it changes the power balance between Aes Sedai and Asha'man with what can be defined as Strength and Skill.

Because deference within the White Tower is dependent on a woman’s strength, it is concluded that to have a skill score is unnecessary, but instead, a -/+ indicator will be used to specify any necessary deference within a single Strength Rank. The same will also apply to Asha'men. Stronger Aes Sedai may be petitioned on a Staff-Approval basis at the time of Character Creation, at which point the scale of the roll will be adjusted accordingly.

How Channeling Works


The "magic" system that is the One Power in The Wheel of Time works very uniquely, with certain rules in place. This post will be a list of rules for channeling, how the One Power works physically, and what can and cannot be done with the Power.


The One Power, which comes from the True Source that turns the Wheel of Time, is composed of five elements: Air, Earth, Fire, Spirit, and Water. These are called the Five Powers. Wielding the One Power to create effects is referred to as weaving these powers into flows, which together make up any one particular weave. A weave is what Aes Sedai wants to do to create a desired effect.


Embracing Saidar


Learning to embrace saidar takes training. Wilders might unconsciously touch the One Power, but in general, they do not know what they are doing, and often develop blocks, which do not allow them to touch the Source at all.

Female channelers can tell when other women are touching the Source; a white glowing aura appears around their body, only visible to those trained to touch saidar. The ability can also be sensed in any woman capable of channeling, whether they are wilders or Aes Sedai.


When a female channeler embraces saidar, a soft, white glow of surrounds them. This glow can only be seen by other women who know how to channel and have done so a few times on their own.


Seizing Saidin


Saidin is described as a raging torrent, just as powerful as saidar but tempestuous: a raw, untamed force that must be "coerced" through strength of will or else it will overwhelm you. In contrast to saidar, a man must make saidin submit to him in order to access it: a process known as seizing the Power. Weaving for a male channeler involves wielding it much like a weapon and directing it to do his bidding.


Learning to seize saidin takes training. Wilders might unconsciously touch the One Power, but in general they do not know what they are doing, and often develop blocks, which do not allow them to touch the Source at all.


Additional Notes: (As written by Jagen Sedai)


A man can sense when another man is holding saidin, though not in the way women do: a man would describe it as a feeling of awe and menace -- with nothing truly visible -- and not easily pinpointed to a particular location or person. The farther the channeling, the fainter the feel.


While a female channeler can sense any woman channeling, sensing for men depends largely on the amount of saidin used in the weave; small weaves cannot be discerned unless one is in extremely close proximity to the weave, whereas something like a gateway can be sensed from a considerable distance. It is also implied to depend on strength of the male channeler as well.


Male channelers cannot see the glow of saidar but can sense when a woman is holding the One Power, though he cannot pinpoint the source (or who it is channeling). On the other side, women cannot sense men holding the Source.


No man can tell at sight if another man can channel, unless the other man has seized saidin. Testing for men involves channeling a simple flow until a "resonance" is felt from the one being tested. This may often take as long as fifteen to twenty minutes for those with the spark, and much longer for those who can only learn.


Men can sense how much saidin another male channeler is holding.


Male channelers cannot see the glow but can sense when a woman is holding the One Power, though they cannot pinpoint the source (or who it is channeling). On the other side, women cannot sense men holding the Source.




The ability of channelers to combine their flows of the One Power in a circle. While the combined flow is not as great as the total of the individual flows, it is directed by the person who leads the link and can be used much more precisely and to far greater effect than the individual flows can be.


Men cannot link their abilities without the presence of a woman or women in the circle. Up to thirteen women can link without the presence of a man. With the addition of one man, the circle could increase to twenty-six women. Two men could take the circle up to thirty-four women, and so on until the limit of six men and sixty-six women was reached.

There are links that include more men and fewer women, but except in the linking of one man and one woman, one woman and two men, or of course, two men and two women, there always have to be at least one more woman in the circle than there are men. In most circles, either a man or a woman could control the link, but a man has to control in the circle of seventy-two as well as in mixed circles of fewer than thirteen.


Although men were in general stronger in Power than women, the strongest circles were those that contained as near as possible to equal numbers of men and women.


Entering a link is normally a voluntary act, requiring at least acquiescence, but under certain circumstances, a sufficient circle already formed can bring another woman forcibly into the circle as long as no man was part of it. Insofar as is known, a man cannot be forced into a circle, no matter how large.



Caveats and Impossibilities


There are some things channelers cannot do, as well as caveats to channeling.

  • Strength is not always a factor in what one can do; for example, women can make bridges with Air further than a man stronger than her in the Power.
  • The simple act of picking something up is one of the hardest things in channeling, but a strong channeler can lift at least three times her own weight.

  • One cannot lift themselves with the One Power, but can lift others, though it takes much strength and skill to do so.
  • One cannot Heal themselves.
  • Men and women cannot see each other channeling, so one could never learn a weave from another.
  • Channelers cannot close their eyes while channeling as they must see the flows, but once a weave is completed it is possible to look away from it and still hold it.
  • A weave is learned by watching other channelers make it; seeing a weave only after it has been completed does nothing for learning it.
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One Power Registration


PM RP Staff to be added to this list.

As stated before, our One Power scale is a derivative of Robert Jordan’s 66 Strength Scale. At this time we are not allowing a Strength higher than 16 for women and 13 for men. Special rolls may be gifted that shift the scale up to 12-30. A basic breakdown is as follows.



+/-, Max, Minimum - These symbolize ranking within their strength. It is a negligible amount but will determine the difference between Aes Sedai of the same rank.
(BC) - Book Character Reference


++1 (top level for men) (Rand al’Thor)
++2 - ++6 - (Various Chosen)
1 - (top level for women) (Lanfear)
2 - (Mesaana)
3 - (Nynaeve ti al’Maera Mandragoran)
4 - (Moghedien, Someryn)
5 -
6 -
7 - (Cadsuane Melaidhrin)
8 - (Egwene al’Vere)
9 - 
10 -
11 - (Aviendha)
12 -
13 - (Elaida a’Roihan, Moiraine Damodred)
14 - (Pevara Tazanovni)
15 - (Anaiya Carel)
---Level above which can make a larger gateway---
16 - (Amys, Adelorna Bastine
17 - (Verin Mathwin
18 - Calia Luin (max)
19 - (Gitara Moroso)
20 -
21 - (Tsutama Rath
22 - (Merilille Ceandevwin)
---Level above which can make a useful gateway---
23 - (Takima Deraighdin)
24 -
25 - (Javindhra Doraille
26 -
27 - Thayetta Luin (-)
28 - (Hattori Gatano)
29 -
30 -
---Level below which cannot make any gateway at all---
31 -
32 - 
33 - (Annoura Larisen)
34 -
35 -
36 - Josanda Avriny (min)
37 - 
38 - (Reiko Kerevon)
39 -
40 -
41 - (Eldase Takashi)
42 -
44 -
45 -
---Level below which was not allowed to test for Aes Sedai---
46 -
47 -
48 -
49 - (Keraille Surtovni)
50 - (Merin Hannifor)
---Level below which was not allowed to test for Accepted---
54 - (Setsuko)
57 - (Sorilea)
60 -
66 - (Morgase)




Not sure what to pick?


Discord has a dice Bot that lets you pick and choose your One Power. (Wait, you can pick? YES, yes you can.) Just post the following in the #roleplay discord room!


/r command: rpopscore - Rolls a random number between 16-45

/r command: opstrength - Rolls a random strength deviation (min, max, none, - or +.)

/r command: 1d[#..#] - Rolls a random number, using # as the scale. Be sure to replace the #'s with your desired scale!


As it is too easy to 'roll for the highest', you can only roll a max of 3 times for a score, 2 times for strength. If you know what you want, just choose, don't spam the discord room.


There are no limitations on this at this time, so long as it remains honorable and nor abused.


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