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Winds of Change - About the Roleplay


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Firstly, please send some love and thanks to Kathleen & Jagen for all their incredible work in the Roleplay these past few years. Taking on the beast of the RP in addition to navigating the transfer to the clubs and then the return back to the forums, they really worked hard to keep  as much as they could while working with a lot of limitations in the process. So thank you to both of you for all that work and care and know that it was very deeply appreciated. 


It was announced earlier in Staff today that Kathleen has chosen to step down, and Jagen has been too busy with life to confirm a role moving forward. With the support of Cass I tossed my hat in the ring and SinisterDeath (and Kathy) have agreed to allow me full control of the Roleplay. 


(Insert all the screaming here?) 


Currently, the Roleplay/Game staff consists of myself and Cass. If you are interested in helping out for a role, or with any staff needs, please reach out to me and include some of your ideas along with why you feel you would be a good fit for our small team. I may not take on many people to start because we don’t need much to get the ball running on the back side of things, I will keep a running tally that when the need arises I know who I can reach out to based on the ideas you share. I’m a big advocate of encouraging other people’s ideas, so you can certainly try.


I will also be posting a few polls for those active or interested in becoming active in the RP. This will include potential timelines, story structures, and general chaos. Please keep an eye out as those will certainly impact how we move forward. 


We are trying something - very - new, having given the previous structure a year to see how it would work after shifting away from the club structure. We are moving away from the minimal and adding a few new forums for information, and giving information a clean-up. 


No Information is being deleted at this time. I’m a vehemently obsessive archivist when it comes to writing. Information in the short term may not be accessible while we organize it into readable chunks or move it into its appropriate archive, but it will return for your viewing or reference pleasure later.


Finally, ALL titled roles are open and available. For those interested in high-ranking roles (like Head of Ajah, Amyrlin, Queens, M’Hael, etc), please shoot me a PM first. I don’t want to have 3-4 biographies posted simultaneously and be forced to sort through that mess without a plan fair for all players. 


I only ask for a little patience in the coming week or two while we move things about and Cass and I work out some kinks in what we hope to build with you.


In the Light-ish,



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As a quick note, we are in 'transition' while forums are moved about so I do ask for a little kindness and patience as things get moved properly into place. If you are missing access, PLEASE PLEASE reach out!! 

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