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Best Chapters in each Book

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A very subjective question to answer but I really wanted to know if this has ever been a topic here on DM before ?


The motivator for me was re-reading "Towers of Midnight". I was particularly struck by chapter 30 called "Men Dream Here". 


It affects me so much each time i read it and I wondered if others have similar chapters that gave them that feeling. 


Anyone have similar book chapters ?

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The one where Elayne and Aviendha become first sisters in Winter's Heart is one that spings to mind. Loved that bit!

In Gathering Storm the attack on the White Tower and Egwene taking control and organizing the defenses was an amazing moment as well.

The docks in Fires of Heaven, of course.

Also loved the use of the Bowl of Winds in Path of Daggers, and the subsequent escape from the Seanchan.


Those are a few that immediately come to mind.

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Just finished a reread of Book 1 last night. 

Chapter 46 Fal Dara stood out to me this time around. The introduction to Shienarian culture, the additional insights into Lan's background, foreshadowing of Ingtar's DF-ness, the capture of Fain after he follows them through the ways,...good chapter.


Ch. 50 Meeting at the Eye is also a banger with the Green Man and start of the battle with the Aginor and Balthamel. 

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Okay, just finished TGH. This is one of the books I've read the most, and towards or at the top of my list of faves from the series. 

Book 2 is banging! 🙂

So much going on, so much introduced, amazing foreshadowing and hints to the future, Rand's struggle to come to terms with it all...this is the book the hooked me orginally, and I continue to see why I liked it so much. 

Many good chapters in this book, but if I had to choose two it'd be:
Either Ch. 16 or 17 where they first meet Selene, and she almost makes Rand "dishonor himself with a squeak" when she touches his back, lol. 

Chapter 1 is the other, with Lan training Rand atop the tower. Much warder talk. If not Ch. 1 then Ch. 4 where Lan instructs Rand on how to behave in front of the Amrylin, to which Suiane exasperatedly asks if Moiraine has let Lan at him. 

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