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Starting to like it again.


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Hi All, just ringing in again after a few months. I am now on volume 7 (I think this is why they refer to books as volumes). I read them all before, but with no rememberance.


I am just starting book 7 again and did not realize why I had loved them so much in the past. Now I know why. The Boys in the book are finally starting to stand up to the women. OK, sexist, but hey.


All I know is that everytime a man said something thru book 5, it was wrong and the village Wisdom would correct them of it. I wanted to puke whenever RJ said how evil us men were. As soon as Rand started getting tuff and Reborn and all that glop, they all decided that his ears needed to be boxed, he was arrogant, he was too high above his station, etc..


Remember when Mat bailed them out of the prison in the Stone in the earlier books. They were done for, but here came Mat. They treat Mat like shit from then on.


Thom saves the daring duo in Number 5 while they are drugged out. Within 7 chapters, it is his fault and screw him. They treat Thom like shit from then on.


Perrin left, probably the only smart man. Yet he still gets treated like crap (by his wife)


Gotta go, my wife is asking if I am looking at porn...

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