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  1. I am loving the poll for "A Memory of Light". I think the name should be "A Memory of the First 15,000 Pages". Just me. ;D
  2. You forgot number 7. 7) I promise to call you later
  3. Great question. I read these as they were published, but I will admit I was in my late teens at the time of Eye. You need patience and attention to read them seriously though. I would get them reading Tolkien; The Hobbit first. When I was 8, I thought about those Trolls turning to stone for 3 weeks. At 11 I read the trilogy and was so transported out of myself. I didnt understand lots of words, but it helped to jump start my imagination. Too bad Elijah Woods has ruined it for me forever though. I read them again last year and they are no good past 30. I think the movies detracted fr
  4. I finally figured it out.... It was Bela Means: In the city at the time. Nobody is watching her anyway. No alibi. Modus operandi: Hoof to the head. Motive: To be as important in the last book as in the first 3. Feeling left out.
  5. RJ has repeatedly said that we can figure it out from the first 5 books alone. Ive now read them 3 times and still cant figure it out. The last time around, I made sure I paid attention to all the Asmo plot lines and still nothing. I think this is a big joke and that RJ still hasnt made up his mind either. Same thing with the Taim/ Demandred thing.
  6. Ah, this topic comes around again. Wow, just reading thru this post and am more confused now. I just got through reading the first 5 again and still cant figure this out. What had forgotten is that Asmo died in Rahvin's first attack and was resurrected by Rand's Balefire. When he was killed the 2nd time for good, Asmo was pondering whether dying negated his promises to the dark one and his loss of immortality. I somehow think this is important. Also, with all the debate on whether it as saidin/saidir and who would have felt it or not, there could be 2 explanations. 1) Maybe h
  7. I've always seen Fain as the DH. (Designated hitter in baseball terms) He follows no pattern. He is more evil than the foresaken, carries the dagger of Shaga______ ( I forgot the whole name). He has been bent by the dark one and rebuilt. Basically, I just think of him of Golem X3. If you follow his story, he has no, and i repeat, no compatriarts in the novels.
  8. Hi All, just ringing in again after a few months. I am now on volume 7 (I think this is why they refer to books as volumes). I read them all before, but with no rememberance. I am just starting book 7 again and did not realize why I had loved them so much in the past. Now I know why. The Boys in the book are finally starting to stand up to the women. OK, sexist, but hey. All I know is that everytime a man said something thru book 5, it was wrong and the village Wisdom would correct them of it. I wanted to puke whenever RJ said how evil us men were. As soon as Rand started getting t
  9. She is the most evil person in the whole series. I agree with all the former opinions, but I feel that Elaida is being set up for death and to be take by the Dark One forever to be resealed in his prison. I know she is not a darkfriend. The problem is she is so concerned with her beliefs and control that she has become more evil than the worst forsaken. She will go to any length to get what she wants. She will break any law to get what she wants. She will kill, maim, or steal to get what she wants. In the end she is one of the most evil characters in the series. Dont worry, she is doo
  10. Of course not. Rand will die. Of all the characters RJ built up in the 1st 6 novels, who is the one character who becomes almost secondary in the latter 4? Rand. He is the DR. That is it. You aint sposed to like him so much anymore. He dies, leaves 3 weeping widows, 48 redheaded kids and a new country is born!!! He's either a Mormon or Irish.
  11. 36. I started reading them when I was 21 in my cell.
  12. I would say Padan Fain because he kicks butt when other evil characters aren't.
  13. Moiraine. She never bitches. I would include Siaun, Amys, or any wiseone or Aes Sedai, but they are all older versions of Nynaeve. I really think RJ had some issues with women and authority.
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