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Hello, happy and excited to be here!

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Like my title says I'm happy and very excited to be here if a bit nervous. 😅

I started reading the books before the show and I love both! I'm looking forward to talking about them with others and happened to stumble across the twitter for the site and decided to take a look. I'm only about halfway through the third book and I'm enjoying every minute of reading the books so far

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12 minutes ago, Elgee said:

Welcome to Dragonmount, @spectralballadeer!

Do you have any favourite characters or groups from the Books yet?

Moiraine for sure is my top favorite and I really like Hurin too and hope he shows up again at some point. Now that I've seen more of her I really like Verin but I don't know that I fully trust her. Rand is also becoming a favorite of mine and Mat

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1 hour ago, Elgee said:

I love Hurin too! And Verin is ... interesting 😅


If you like the Aes Sedai and/or Warders, you're welcome to join us at the White Tower & Warders Social Group. We're hard to explain ... lol ... but you can enjoy yourself there and make new friends.

Oh no, am I on the right path that she is suspicious? It's hard to tell where I'm at who is trustworthy or not and some of the aes sedai aren't very subtle when it comes to acting like they're not up to something or just being themselves.

I do, I think they're quite interesting and look forward to learning more about them as I go along. Thank you for the invite, I'd love to join and make new friends


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1 hour ago, SharSheen Veren said:

I won't give any spoilers of course.   Characters are really starting to hit their stride I think by this point.  Also Verin is very well written IMHO.   Book 3 done?  😉 

I liked Verin the moment she was introduced and she's definitely become a swift favorite. Regardless of whether she does become a villain or not that won't change. I should be finished with book 3 by the end of the weekend 😀 Or I'm going to try anyway I don't have much further to go

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Welcome 🙂


Glad to hear you're enjoying both iterations of the series. Verin is high on my favourite characters list too. No spoilers of course, but I will say her intrigue and complexity go strong through the series. 


Happy reading 

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