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[LEGACY] The Warders Yard


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The Tower Guard are the soldiers who protect Tar Valon and the White Tower. The Tower Guards wear nearly black coats and cloaks, with the Flame of Tar Valon on both cloak and chest. They also wear steel breastplates and helmets with face-bars. Banner Captain wear seven-striped tabards over their breastplates. Bannermen have short white plumes on their helmets. The Tower Guards will obey any Aes Sedai, but march on the command of the Amyrlin Seat.


The guards come from all around the world and are never turned away for their origin or gender. The majority of the Guardsmen of Tar Valon are predominantly male.


Disciplines & Combat Style

Within the books, there is no information on various Disciplines of combat or training. Because of this “Combat Styles” are designated by the nation they originate, be it the Dueling of Altara, Defense of the North, etc. Or something along these veins. They neither have a title nor an official training designation but are noted upon by those who are familiar with that area’s style.


The Guardsmen keep watch atop the gate towers of Tar Valon, as well as on the bridges and throughout the City. No gate to the Tower grounds is ever unguarded. One of the guardhouses that stands just within one of the side gates to the Tower’s grounds is shaped like a six-pointed star that is lying on its side. It is made of gray stone. There is a guardroom in the basements of the White Tower, where criminals are kept.



The barracks of the Tower Guard are near the White Tower, across a flagstone yard. It is a long, low building made of gray stone. Mat thinks to himself that it looks "almost like a huge boulder among the few trees growing out of rimmed holes in the flagstones close by".


There are often men sitting outside of the barracks, tending their weapons, armor, and harness.


Most Warders keep rooms in the Guards’ barracks.


Up, and until a Man, or Woman, is bonded to an Aes Sedai, none may take the title of “Warder” or “Gaidin”. All members of the White Tower Army are considered “Tower Guard”, “Guardsman” or “Trainee” if still in training. Additional titles are given through rank or skill, such as Bannerman or Blademaster (see HERE).


Gaidin holds no other rank within the Army but is roughly equal in rank to a Banner Captain, showing deference to a stronger Aes Sedai’s Gaidin. The High Captain may not be bonded to any Aes Sedai.


  • High Captain
  • Banner Captain
  • Bannerman
  • Guardsman
  • Trainee




High Captain

Rhyse Honarin (NPC) - AVAILABLE


Banner Captains









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