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Official Roleplay Timeline

Jagen Sedai

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This thread is going to be a constant Work-In-Progress.


The information included here is as follows:

  • When the "Current Timeline" begins -- That is, the day that RPs start on the IC Board.
  • Past Events -- Anything before the current timeline, from anything as small as a couple days to hundreds of years. This will include both Non-RPed events and events role-played in the IC board (which should be marked "Retro" somewhere in their title).
    • Non RPed events will be in purple text.
    • RPed events (that are major) will be in blue text.
  • Major Current Events -- whether RPed or not.



Current Timeline Start Date: Aine 8, 996 NE 

(This corresponds to Mar 23 in our modern calendar. Please read this page to understand WoT dates and the calendar(s) used.)



Past EVENTS in Chronological Order

(*Our current past events are major events that occurred canonically in the WoT world; a detailed official WoT timeline can be found here, but be aware anything involving specific characters doesn't necessarily mean in happened in our world; i.e., Moiraine Damodred doesn't exist in our timeline ).


  • 976 NE - Aiel War Begins.
  • 978 NE, Danu - Aiel War Ends / Battle of the Shining Walls - The final and decisive battle of the Aiel War, fought outside the Shining Walls of Tar Valon, between four clans of the Aiel and armies from ten of the fourteen kingdoms of the Westlands, who had been unified as the grandiosely-titled Grand Alliance.
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