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Your Predictions….


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I thought it would be fun to create a poll for folks to make predictions. This is not the poll - this is the thread to aggregate poll questions. Here are my entries, please add more…. Let’s gather for at least a day without commentary and then we can have at it. 


1. Prologue

- we’ll see it some time in Season 1

- we’ll see it but not until Season 2 or later

- no prologue


2. How many seasons?

- 2 to 3

- 4 to 5

- 6+

3. When will the Saidin/Saidar dichotomy and taint be clearly explained consistent book lore?

- By the end of season 1

- Later

- Not gonna happen, “gender” is outdated.


4. Are they going to combine Mashadar and Machin Chin?

- Yes

- No


5. Will we get an “I’m going to be an Aes Sedai!” or “You can be my warder, Rand!” moment from Eg?

- Yes

- No


6. What’s the deal with Laila?

- Shotgun wedding

- Darkfriend

- Neither


7. Will we get Elyas?

- Yes

- No


8. What’s the deal with the Cauthons?

- Irredeemable meth heads

- Total redemption story coming


9. When will Rand first fight Ishmael?

- The Eye

- Falme

- Tear


10. Green Man?

- Yes

- No

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14. How will the Seanchan be handled?
-Show up for Falme then disapear until the season equivalent of book 8

-Show up in Falme and stay though in the background the entire time gaining power?

-Not show up until season equivalent of book 5-8 where they become directly important to the plot.

15: Who will sound the Horn?
-Same guy in the book, same result in the end.
-Same guy in the book, keeps it in the end to not need to introduce the second guy.
-Not used until the end.

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