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Hello и здравствуйте

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Hello everyone, yet another long-time WOT fan have arrived.


Name's Aleksandr, I'm from Siberia. I hope my english is not too bad. ?
First time I had read EOTW and following books somewhen on century turn when I was heavily into fantasy. Books were translated to russian and published with some delay, so the story was kind of:

- read all published books

- some time passes, legend fades to myth and even myth is long forgotten...

- new book published

- ok, who are all these people?

- read all published books from the beginning

I think there was at least three such cycles. ?


Anyway, despite some flaws WOT has, for some reason it staked out a special place in my heart that none other fantasy series did.

Then were sad events of RJ's death and I almost forgot of the series for years, until 2019. I heard that last books were completed by Sanderson, but afaik there was no official russian publication of the book. Now I decided to do final cycle (or not, because I guess there are neither beginnings nor endings...) of re-reading in original (i.e. english). And finally find out what had happened after cleansing (at least this is the last thing I remember). Some time after, I heard about TV show. I am definitely not here because of it, but on the other side maybe it's a good deal that the show appeared because I am totally afraid to enter books forum because of last books spoilers.?

Interesting thing, that on current re-read wot's world seems to me even more vivid than before. Maybe it's because I can't read very fast in english, so no "swallowing" of large chunks of text, and all Jordan's rolling hills and scattered trees and sky and towers and spires have to go through my attention. Half-finished "Lord of Chaos" now.

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Welcome to Dragonmount, Aleksandr! I don't think we've ever had anyone here from Siberia, so this is wonderful!

I'm from Cape Town in South Africa, but since I was a little girl I've wanted to go to Russia and specifically to Siberia. I hope you'll post some photos for us one day of your area.


So do you have any favourite characters or groups of characters from the Wheel of Time?

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Hello, Elgee!


Never thought if I have favourite characters really. I guess all main characters are cool in their personal way. As for the minor characters I do like Bayle Domon. If he no be in the show, it be a real flaw.? Egeanin is also nice one coming to my mind now. And the best Forsaken at the time (still on Lord of Chaos) is Semirhage because her "fixing your brains into something i want" is more scaring than Baalzamon's "OMG I am so angry and have fiery eyes" or Moghedien's "weaving webs but falling into the traps myself every second time".

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4 hours ago, Александр Чудинов said:

As for the minor characters I do like Bayle Domon. If he no be in the show, it be a real flaw.? 


Oh my word yes! I do love Baylle Domon and the accent too! I believe Teslyn, Red Sedai, is also an Ilianer with the same accent. She became one of my favourite characters too ?


Siberia is beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing those photos with me.

Do you know how old those rock paintings are?

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Here are some of the ancient rock paintings done by the Bushman (now called San) of South Africa:


This is actually one found in the Drakensberg ... ie Dragon's Mountain! ?



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3 hours ago, Harldin said:

Wow 2nd one from the top would make a perfect place to film scenes set on Worlds End(long finger of land in the very NW Corner of the Westlands).


Agreed! There's some amazing scenery there.

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On 11/14/2021 at 12:53 AM, Elgee said:

Do you know how old those rock paintings are?

If I remember correctly, this exact painting is not really ancient, somewhere from the 1st millenium ad. But the whole complex includes some neolithic paintings as well.


On 11/14/2021 at 12:55 AM, Elgee said:

Unfortunately I get 406 Not Acceptable when I try to follow link.


On 11/14/2021 at 11:00 AM, Harldin said:

Great Photo's by the way. 

Thank you!


On 11/14/2021 at 11:00 AM, Harldin said:

2nd one from the top

This photo was made on Hoboy Cape (Olkhon island, lake Baykal).

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