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Could a new Dragon get things done?


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So it was said had Rand died a new Dragon would of been appointed.  But here is my issue with that, the pattern might connect to the new person but Rand needed LTT's memories.  knowing LTT's mistakes helped Rand form his own plan.  All those memories wouldn't suddenly get transfered into the new Dragon,  The pattern can't suddenly stuff a new soul into someone.  So without LTT's and Rand's memories the new Dragon would have no idea how to properly seal the DO's prison.  Not to mention Rand had hidden the seals and only he knew how to safely remove the "sword that wasn't a sword".  


So with all of that would a new Dragon simply mean delaying things?  The new Dragon goes and temporarily seals the prison again and delays the final battle until LTT's soul can be spun out again?  And quite possibly causing the male half to be tainted again?  I just don't see how the new Dragon could possibly have the knowledge to get things done.  Assuming all of Rands followers such as the Aiel would of even followed the new guy.  Without LTT's memories Rand would of failed the Borderlander test and they would of killed him.  So how would the new dragon of passed the test?

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If Rand is not the Dragon, there would be no replacement. Egwene believed their would be a replacement, but the truth is, without Rand, there is no chance of stopping the Dark One. 

He dies or falls to the Shadow, it is over, because the Wheel of Time and the Pattern gets destroyed, since it was the Dark One's goal to do that.


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