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A little lost


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I'm new, of course. I've role played for other forums for about three years and only picked up Wheel of Time about a year ago. Then I decided to combine my two loves and check this place out. While I'm pretty handy at navigating my way through phpbb boards, I couldn't help but get a little confused. How do you do your role plays here? I've read some of the rules but I'm still slightly confused. If anyone has any insight, I'd appreciate it.

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Guest Stefania Sedai

Can't help you with your questions because as a fellow newbie I am lost most of the time, too. But I just wanted to say "Hi" and "Welcome"!!!

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Guest Barmacral

The very top section is the WoT discussion

The next section is just general DM for everyone


After that there is a few discussion boards, and the Orgs, which are NOT role playing.


After that pretty much everything is RP. Beyond that You'll need to speak to the RP folk, Sirayn would be a good person to send a PM to.


Welcome, and enjoy your stay! If you feel like spouting off random spam, Fiddlesticks is the place to be!

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Guest Emperor

There is a Role Playing General discussion board which might have a wealth of info for you. Also, if you know what you role play as, you could check out their Div boards.


Welcome to DM.

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