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Introductions - come say Hi


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Hi folks. New to the group and thought I'd say hi.


Most of my creative expression flows through the written word, but love visual mediums and crossovers.


I've been exploring woodworking and wood carving the last couple of years and think I may eventually have some fun stuff to share here.


Hello from Minnesota!


May you always find water and shade.

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On 10/30/2020 at 6:16 AM, Liitha said:

Welcome, glad to see you found us

..... feel free to set up your own personal work space in the schetchbook section ?


Looking forth to see more of your stuff, i still chuckle at the broken wheel in our banner at times...got to love some good humor ?

lol, my bad everyone!


Didn't realize I was throwing my art on someone's introduction!

(bad form)


I think I missed your art challenge ?


I'll have to try & keep a better eye open, love to join these things when I can!

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You missed no challenge...if you see something you want to try go for it, but we got a new one for all of December...you can do as much or little of it as you like...I started on the December 1st one and are still working on it. But made one for each day so those who got loads of time also can be challenged

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Yeah I love trying new stuff too, not the best at it but got drawing pencils, aquarelle pencils, loads of fine liners, some acrylic paint, and done photo manipulation for years...also like doing things like scrapbooking and just tried my hand at the whole pearling a pic thingy...i do some other crafts too, but making visuals with different mediums definitely my main thing (and recently ventured into aquascapeing ?) been low on enough inspiration to finish stuff lately except the pearling pic... should probably share that.


You got anything to share of your stuff @Lethira the second, love to see art stuff ?

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@Lethira the second

It was fairly simple, it was marked where to place the pearls...though I see they sell just the pearls and glue without the premade pics to do... figure will try freehand once I practiced a bit (you get a good chunk of left overs). You can see it in my sketchbook


@TRYTIGRESS welcome to the guild, tell us about yourself?

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