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  1. Just finished my first read through. I no particular order: I loved seeing Perrin finally accept and step into the role of leader and lord with the Last Battle approaching. The forging of Mah'alleinir was one of the clearest mental images I have created while reading the entire series. Rand's meeting Tam choked me up. I really liked Lan's charge into the Gap. Made me think of The Charge of the Light Brigade "Into the jaws of Death, into the mouth of hell", which has me wondering how well he will fare. Perrin stopping balefire. Thom playing to Moiraine while he waited to die. The Perrin/Slayer, Egwene/Wise Ones/Aes Sedai/Black Ajah/Mesaana, Gawyn/Bloodknives sequence was nothing short of epic. I had to put the book down and recollect myself after the end of that one.
  2. I haven't read the entire post, so not sure if this one has been mentioned or not. After Tam knocks Cadsuane down a notch, Min comes out with: "This is what we all get for assuming we can make him do what we want." This is the first time I can recall this sentiment being voiced openly.
  3. I don't remember anyone shooting a darkhound with a bow, but I'm pretty sure Rand shoots a Grolm or three in one of those twisted realities.
  4. We know that both Nynaeve and Flinn have tried unsuccessfully to heal the wounds in Rand's side. RJ stresses men and women working together to achieve the greatest good. Would the two of them linked be able to heal Rand? Is that even possible?
  5. "Now, that killed the goat," he said, and, spots still floating in his vision, he dropped down onto the nearest bed and pulled a surprised Joline across his lap. About time Mat gave a little back to someone he saved from the leash.
  6. I agree with Mystica. Ingtar was a self-proclaimed Darkfriend, a conscientious desicion on his part, not forced, not compelled. Well, maybe forced in a way by the circumstances as he saw them, but a willfull decision on his part anyway. The act of turning back to the light is his alone. He seems not to be taken too deep into the depths of the Shadow, and this may also play a large role in his ability to walk in the light once more. My first post, enough lurking in the shadows.
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