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[Reviews]: Where to travel


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In this thread we can give reviews of places we have been. Write as much as you want. A few sentences is enough. 



I'll start with one of my favourite places: London.


I don't know why I love London so much. Maybe because I've had such a good time when I have been there. I've been there four times and hope I will go there again someday. I recommend travelling in the summer. It can be hot but there is less chance of rain. When it rains, well, it rains a lot. Some places that I like:

* Harry Potter Museum. It's located outside London but it's easy to travel there. It's a must if you like Harry Potter. It's very expencive in the shop but it's hard to stay away from the chocolate frogs. 

* Globe Theatre. If you like Shakespear it's a interesting visit. The original theatre is no more but the current building is built to look like the original. I haven't watch a play there yet but it would be fun.

* St Paul's cathedral. It's a beautiful church that managed to survive WW2. 

* London Eye. Well, if you aren't (like me) afraid of hights. My daughter enjoyed it and I was happy to survive. ? 


Really, I could mention hundreds of places. Just walking around in a city and watch the buildings and people is fun. I'm not fond of English food but there are so much to chose from anyway. I have never taken a tour on River Thames but I hope to do so next time. 

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I lived on Oahu, Hawaii for three years. I loved it. Hikes up to beautiful scenic views, the ocean everywhere you look, and great weather. What i miss the most is the sea breeze...that year round trade wind that blows, subtly and persistently, carrying the smell of the ocean. 


If you ever get to go, be sure to visit my favorite beach, Kaena Point all the way up the west side of the island. Its secluded, its at the foot of lush, green mountains, and i dream of it still...to that beach is where I would Travel.


As far as places i've been, now if we're talking any where?? Thats something else altogether.

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