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DM News:Community Round-Up: March 30

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Welcome back to another Community Round-Up!  There’s been a lot happening online within the Wheel of Time fandom since we’re all locked up with nothing to do.



First off, Rafe Judkins—the showrunner for Amazon’s Wheel of Time television show—is also bored!  He answered fan questions on Instagram!  You can see a full analysis from Adam Whitehead here, including the complete transcript of the questions and answers.



Speaking of bored, there are plenty of WoT themed online activities.  One JordanCon’s Facebook page, Rick Martin posted an acrostic puzzle for people to try!



Some crafty people are also using this time to craft WoT inspired items.  This cross-stitch pattern made by Caz Willows caught my eye!  It’s an amazing design and I love the mix of Aes Sedai colors and scary Trolloc skulls.  If you’re interested in trying this—and cross-stitch is pretty easy for beginners!—you can purchase the pattern from Caz’s Etsy shop!


WoT Spoilers.png

And Dee Tee has a Discord channel with WoT Spoilers dedicated to testing your Wheel of Time knowledge.  Stop by for a visit and play a game, or just mingle with the amazing people!


And as tradition dictates, we’ll end with some memes.



Okay, not really Wheel of Time related, but I thought this was fantastic!



This raises an interesting question.  If Mat's wily ways had continued in the Two Rivers, would any of his pranks gone far enough to land him in jail?  Does Emond's Field even have a jail?



The Pattern's face says it all.


I don't think the Black Ajah is as cute as this, honestly.


That concludes this Community Round-Up.  Let's try to keep our spirits up as much as possible during these trying times!  Besides re-reading Wheel of Time, what other actives are keeping you from going stir crazy?


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