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DM News:Community Round-Up: March 10

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Welcome back to another edition of Community Round-Up where we highlight all the latest happenings in The Wheel of Time fandom and the larger Sci-Fi/Fantasy community.



This week there have been some major reports about the Amazon Prime show.  Adam Whitehead went into detail about the four directors picked for Season 1.  The four selected are being celebrated for their diversity.  To see more of their resume and what to expect from them behind the camera, you can read Adam’s article here.



Theoryland is still going strong with Matt Hatch’s The Dusty Wheel podcast and fans passionate to discover some of the left-over hidden truths of the series.  Recently, The Dusty Wheel hosted a chat about one of the great mysteries: Nakomi.   The fact that there is still so much left to speculate on The Wheel of Time shows how timeless the series is—and will continue to be.  You can listen to the whole episode of The Dusty Wheel here, and be sure to check out all their Wheel of Time content!



JordanCon released a statement that the convention is still on!  They are continuing to keep up to date with the recommendations of the CDC and will let all members and fans know if the situation changes.  Let’s hope we can all make it there for our traditional homecoming!  You can read more from JordanCon here.


And what’s a round-up without memes?  The ones feature today come from the Facebook groups Screw You All, I Love Wheel of Time and, one of my favorites, Shai’tan Posting.



(One of my favorite scenes in the series!)





This meme from Shai'tan Posting even had hilarious comments, like:


"Sorry, I didn't hear you over the sound of the dice in my head."


"Change of plans. This escape is now a kidnapping.

~Mat that's-not-your-empress-that's-my-wife Cauthon"

"He's like, I wish I could get off with only death by slow torture."





As a math teacher, I love the Venn diagram memes....


That's all for this edition of Community Round-Up.  Which theory about Nakomi do you think is true?  Let us know in the comments!

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