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Grounded in the grove - let's spar till we fall, and drink till the sun gets up


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Ooc retreat day for Ren'shai disc in the grove, let's do some bonding/team-building, char development and get some req's taken care of..




Cyrain was brushing down Chalinda, her mix of grayish color with some spots thrown in ending in a pink mule, and accented with the black mane made her somewhat odd looking. But there was nothing wrong with the mares build, she fit her well, Cy loved to feel the wind play in her hair. The name though out of a book was a play on the horse personality, and she knew that the mare was not a favourite in the stables, she was as stubborn and hot headed at times as her owner. Not that they couldn't get well along, they understood eachother and she had many a nice days even if spirited, but if she didn't like something, well she had been known to nip after people. Cy claped her and threw on the reins, she liked riding bareback. " what do you say girl, want a trip to the grove, if we hurry there might be time for you to go on a swim"


Cy was a bit dual edged about this, she talked to her mentor after being raised, and while a voice in her head halfway wanted to object to not have her freedom to do as she wanted now she was finally done with her training day. Well she sighed, she had learned that he knew her well enough and generally gave good advices, she joined the yard as an adventure. And then her days had a lot of the time resolved around geting through being raised and become a tower guard, though she had her fun too, and not been the quikest since she had a tendency to land in trouble either from pranks or her temper. 


She asumed the void as she rode, he was probably right that choosing a path would give her direction, only doing patrolls would all too soon get boring. She just wished she hadn't gone out last night, but felt she had deserved the drink after patrolling in that foul stench, luckily the wind had changed direction, and the skies broken it was a lovely day. Ren'shai after talking with some people, and mulling it over she had found it sounded the most like a place she at least would be able to learn to utilize her traits rather then have to try and conform completely.


She saw the grove ahead, a group of them was meeting here today to train, as she never paid attention to things not related to her immediate present while a trainee, she really did not have much of an idea who she would find or meet in the grove. She stoped a ways off from where she gotten direction to meet, it was in sight, but she figured it was better leaving the horse here. She tied a rope to chalindas grime and took the reins off, it was long enough she could grass and dip her feet in the water. "Be good now girl!" She clapped her on the rump, grab her backpack and quickly shook herself lightly too feel if all her knives was in place. Time for a new adventure, she put on a smile and walked over to the glade, promising herself another drink later to get rid of the lingering fuzz in her head, and who knew maybe some of her memories she couldn't quite recall from yesterday would come back.

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Looking at the paper written out, Cairma sighed a little deeply and shoved it into the pocket of her of her trousers. So, another decided to train in the way of the Ren'Shai. She had a few words to exchange with the MoT, but in the end she knew that the only way to let the discipline die out was if every member of the Ren'Shai would have to leave the Yard. 


Just her and... A smile curled up on her lips. A passing trainee barely a year in attendance jumped away in a yelp having a quick glance at her face. It was not a kind smile but the thought was devious enough. Walking to one of the casual seating, she could see Conor Palfrey sitting there eating an early lunch in the crisp morning air. He was her own legacy, as much as she was loathed to admit it. The fact that he isn't dead yet may be more a testemant to his luck than her training, but she wouldn't dare tell a soul otherwise. 




The tone made him jump up and salute with a fork across his forehead and food now splattered on the ground. She inwardly chuckled but kept her face neutral. No, some things never changed. "You're a defender, now. You don't need to jump like that."


He looked in her direction, keeping the salute as if to make a point. That point was lost on her, "Yes, Mistress Lady Death?" Cairma narrowed her eyes and he at least dropped his hand with a sheepish look.


"Now that you have made it this far, it is time for you to start taking on some training yourself."


Conor looked confused. "But I train the new guys all the time."


"Not with sword forms. Discipline."


She watched his eyes grow from confused, to surprised, to... something less readable. Interesting.


"When. And Where?"


She kept her surprise and pride from her voice, this wasn't going to be an easy task. "This morning. Your new charge is waiting for you in the Grove where I first trained you."


"I know the place." He picked up his try, gave a slight nod of respect to her and walked with a stride to return his breakfast to the mess hall. Cairma tilted her head, curious and concerned. This was... a different Palfrey.


But then they all change in time.


Cairma Vishnu 

Grandmaster & Blademaster

Ren'shai Master


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Thoughts burned through his mind as he felt himself go numb with motion. There wasn't a skip in his step, no swagger to his walk. This was what was being called to him, and he tried not to fight himself to argue with whoever was daft enough to take on the Ren'Shai discipline. Though, now that he had been practicing it for enough years he could see no other path for him, but it was not an easy road. The first few times were simply intended to live through constant beatings. 


Taking a small detour to pick up some supplies from the weapon smith, Conor headed out to the Grove, picking his way through the paths until he came to a familiar clearing, and an even more familiar woman standing there. 


"YOU! I am suppose to be training YOU? ARE YOU STUPID?" 


And there it went. What he promised himself not to say, but apparently seeing Cyrain in front of him was enough to loose him that fraction of reserve. Well played, Palfrey.


Conor Palfrey


Your unfortunate Ren'shai Instructor.

(Playing roughly at the 15-16 WS for timeline.)

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Cyrain heard the voice and looked up from the dagger she was playing with as she had sat waiting on a rock beside it all to see what would happen. what the...she recognised that face from yesterday, they been drinking, and what all else happened she wasn't sure. But by his reaction it was not good, ooof this was not going well and she inwardly cursed her mentor and the MoT for convincing her this would be good for her, she had a feeling it was about to go down the drain. 


She arched an eyebrow, but then remembered to enfold herself in the Void, no no she had done this once before and well, no she had done this many times before, going of on trainers was not a good idea, but she could feel her Void waiver..."I..." she took a breath and tried to sheath her dagger, managing at the second try, she debated just walking off, surely at least there must be someone else she could train with, the Creator knew what she done last night based on his reaction. She knew how she got when drinking and it could been anything cause her memory really was rather hazy. 


She crossed her arms as the Void flew from her and leaned back on her heels, raising her eyebrow again, "Yes, I suppose you are, seems they couldn't drag out someone better." She turned on her heels and walked out on the field to get ready, trying to find her Void again, she normally had this under control now having been through the loops to learn to control her temper and not constantly lose it. Being still hazy from last night's drinking wasn't helping as she kept trying to feed her emotions into the flame, annoyed.



Never quite mastered the art

of keeping her mouth shut

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