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The First Age: Murder in Moscow (ic)


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Aiden's freezing comment made Nox chuckle.  "Nothing like that.  It's not a dumb question.  My guess from the look on his face she made him a very happy man.  And I say she, it very well could have been a man, but I don't think so.  Why kill this man?  As far as I could tell he was nothing special.  No more so than you or I. Not a politician, there was no gain in it."  That was where things started to deviate from his Atharim training.  He'd always wanted to know the why of things.  Why did a person turn rogue, why show themselves now?  In this case why kill him?


It wasn't likely to be answered quickly or at all, but he still wanted to know and working with Domovoi had pulled on that question now he had the means of doing so.  He just needed to tell Dorian what he suspected and Dorian would give him all the access he needed to find the answers.  


But their conversation dipped into the personal again and Nox smiled at Aiden.  He wasn't traumatized so badly he couldn't talk about it.  But it was the implication that he was afraid of.  There was a coffee shop as they walked by and Nox pulled Aiden in side, ordered two coffees and they sat down in a booth far from the door.  "From what I remember, Aurora and I were on our way to Moscow to induct ourselves into the Atharim proper like - we were without our parents, and the American way wasn't nearly so strict, but we wanted to set ourselves up as good hunters outside of our parents.  Aurora and I fought like cats and dogs, and the flight was no different.  I used the power to yell at her and inadvertently blew a hole in the fuselage as we were landing.  A lot of people died because of my mistake. I paid what reparations I could but I didn't really know what happened until months later.  I was sucked out of the plane and when I woke up I didn't know who I was, where I was or even what I was.  I met Aria, she helped me remember, and I stayed here with her.  She taught me about Sentient's as she was one, and we practiced on my ability to keep her out of my emotions.  It's hard work.  She was strong but she couldn't leave an imprint on me that lasted permanently - thank the fucking gods.  Memories trickle in now.  Things I don't actively remember until something happens.  It busted my own self imposed walls and I remembered a lot of repressed memories I'd hidden to please my father.  One of which was the fact that I liked men and have since I was a kid. My father beat me into submission - I pushed the memories away and carried on like I was god's gift to women because that's what my father wanted.  A lot of good that did me."  Nox shrugged and by the time he was done talking his coffee was cold.  He sighed and he reached through the sludge and grabbed the power inside and wrestled it into submission just so he could warm his coffee.  It was a simple task, it still was a simple task but it felt like eons passed as he reached through it.  The feeling always left him feeling dirty and disconnected.  It was a rush once he had it.  But the sludge was making reaching for it harder and harder, but the power it called still, it sang in his ears and he wanted more.  So Nox let it go before it consumed him altogether.

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