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Hello, from the California Central Coast


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Very excited to find this site and these forums. I've never finished the Wheel of Time. I stopped the first time years ago sometime in The Dragon Reborn. I'm mildly ADD (not being funny - just honest) and often bounce around from one thing to the next. But with the TV series coming up, I decided I needed to finish the books before I got major plot points spoiled. That's how I got through the Song of Ice and Fire books too.


I've owned the ebooks for years, and do 90% of my reading on ebooks - had the very first Kindle and never looked back - but sometimes with larger tomes I have a hard time getting through without the tangible feel for where I am in the book.


So I just went and ordered the whole freaking series, and I'm off to the races.



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Welcome to DM and how exciting! I wish I could go back to that fresh slate point and experience it all over again lol. I promise it's worth sticking it out. Do let us know how you get on with your new attempt... and feel free to stop by the Clubs up on the top tab ^^^ and see if any of them take your fancy. :smile:

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