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  1. Very excited to find this site and these forums. I've never finished the Wheel of Time. I stopped the first time years ago sometime in The Dragon Reborn. I'm mildly ADD (not being funny - just honest) and often bounce around from one thing to the next. But with the TV series coming up, I decided I needed to finish the books before I got major plot points spoiled. That's how I got through the Song of Ice and Fire books too. I've owned the ebooks for years, and do 90% of my reading on ebooks - had the very first Kindle and never looked back - but sometimes with larger tomes I have a hard time getting through without the tangible feel for where I am in the book. So I just went and ordered the whole freaking series, and I'm off to the races. Cheers.
  2. Kind of glad I got the original covers - they might be schmaltzy art, but they're classic :)
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