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NHL Thread..

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Er... probably not the person to make this thread and/or any number of other things....


But here I am.....


So Sharks and Blues played yesterday watched that whole game wow really intense on both sides wasn't sure how it was going to go....


For some reason the Sharks played best when the Blues were on a power play the only way they got their two short handed goals....


Overall the Blues Goalee I think had a whole different level to his game and made it really hard in general in addition to St. Louis's

strong defense overall.


That said the Sharks are clearly a good ta team and we'll see I guess how the next game goes potentially.



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WEll yesterday was a really good game as well in my opinion...


Sharks and Blues... shame for the whole game to end on the controversial no cl class on the er no call on the potential hand pass....


But outside of that just a really intense game... Sharks had the av advantage ina ll respects in the beginning

seemed like they were going to go away with it....


Then Blues made a sharp comeback and it started to seem as if Sharks had no chance at all outside of the one

counter goal scored in the middle there....


Basically it turned and it seemed like the Sharks had no chance until they went with no goalie int he finalll...


portion there a strategy which paid off completely as they got a goal in to force OT.


OT was intense as well and again no call on the final play made a lot of Blues players upset but I also think

that there were a lot of good plays by the Sharks and they could have asily won anyway at least IMO.


Next game between them is tomorrow!

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