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*bubbles start forming in a long forgoten lake, causing ripples from the center out to the shore line. Something floats above the surface of the water and is lost in the Sporadic bubbles of heated water. A large fish swallows the object whole and dives back into the water. seconds later the fish springs out of the water and spits a limp body onto the Shore.*


"well that was a ride"


IIIIIMMMM BAAACK. 8) Hope somebody remembers me, but i figured that i should post here and make my presence known.

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Guest Egwene

Yay, welcome back, Asrid!! :D


Hey, check out the Wolfkin... there have been lots of changes since you posted there... Goldeneyes05 is the new Orgleader. He'll be chuffed to see you back 8)

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Guest Barmacral

Welcome back, I'm probably new enough to have joined after you took off, but you do seem to be well remembered.


Oh yes, be sure to check out the Children of the Light, as we're putting that Org back together.

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