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Jagen Sedai

Random Randland Tidbits

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I want this to be a thread about little things people have noticed in WoT; things that have no real consequence, but you noticed them anyway.


I'll begin with a couple of my own--


  • The color purple doesn't seem to exist *anywhere* in the Wheel of Time. However, orange might, as one Sea Folk Wavemistress was described as wearing "reddish-yellow" silk (though it was later described as "red and yellow").
  • The only characters described as having red hair, not counting the Aiel, are also from Saldaea.


Also, feel free to point out any observations that may be wrong--as an example, I'd love for someone to find purple in WoT. It's my favorite color!

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Ah yes, the majestic colour purple....  Truly one of nature's most beau...



"Act your age," Bran added. "And for once remember you're a member of the Council."
Cenn's wrinkled face grew darker with every word from Tam and the Mayor, until it was almost purple.



Huh.  Well, lots of things are purple, surely there must be something pret....



"That young woman wants a husband," Cenn Buie growled, bouncing on his toes. His face was purple, and getting darker.



Maybe it's just Cenn giving purple a bad name, there have got to be other pur...



Byar's face went deathly white as the grandfatherly man spoke; by contrast, the two spots in his hollow cheeks deepended from red to purple.



I give up.  Purple is the colour of flustered man-face.

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Yeah, it's pretty conclusive.  Purple is the colour of people's faces.


"The first time Thom returned-with a second purple bruise on the other cheek"


"his eyes were closed and a bloody gash on the side of his head was coming up in a purple lump."


"Her hair was all in disarray, her head scarf gone, and a purple lump marred her cheek."


"A purple lump the size of a hen's egg stood out beside Juilin's eye"


"Areina was the youngest of the three, with steady blue eyes in a face bruised purple"


"Shaidar Haran turned its attention back to the woman twitching in its fist.  Her face was beginning to go purple"


"Slowly Nynaeve's face turned purple"


Edit:  This is now my thing that I've noticed about Randland.


Edit 2:  Master Gill's cat is orange-and-white.

Edited by Wulf

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