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Sweet Revenge (ATTN: Senette and Ravenhild, OPEN)

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                It just wasn’t fair. Viviane had not been in the Tower for more than a few months at most, yet she had already made an enemy. It was silly, really. She didn’t even know her ‘enemy’s’ name. Some poor Accepted had misconstrued a supposed relationship between Ravenhild and herself. In this Accepted’s eyes, Ravenhild and Viviane had apparently started some conspiracy to get the Accepted kicked out of the Tower!




                That was utter folly. Viviane didn’t even know the girl’s name, much less have the urge to conspire against her. The life of a Novice was a stressful one, Viviane didn’t even have the time to mess with this girl, much less conspire against her. It seemed to Viviane that this girl had nothing better to do with the time she had between chores and studying.


              That has to be it. This Accepted is just bored, or she’s looking for someone to take her frustration out upon. From what I’ve seen, it’s not uncommon for Accepted to pick on Novices… Light, at times it almost seems like it’s encouraged! Still… That does not make it right.


               Operating on assumption, Viviane figured this girl must be the paranoid type. That or she was looking for attention. Perhaps the Accepted and Raven had a history; that would’ve made much more sense… if she was only targeting Raven.


                That still didn’t tell Viviane why she was also being targeted. She had done nothing more than be cordial towards Ravenhild, which any civilized person would do. If this Accepted was seeing shadows where there were none, then she would not last long enough to attain the Shawl.


                Light… I’ve only had a few classes with Ravenhild; maybe talked to her a handful of times outside of class. Our rooms are right next to each other. That is the only thing that can possibly draw us to each other. That is it. What am I do to? Be a terrible neighbor and ignore all of the women on my floor? There is a whisper-hole connecting Ravenhild’s room and my own. If I were not friendly to her, she might turn against me. Light knows she could spy on me with that hole connecting our rooms…


                Viviane was being paranoid, an old habit which she had to quell. An Aes Sedai was not the paranoid sort; she was discerning and intelligent.




                Viviane would not be paranoid, and yes, she would be cordial to the other Novices. Viviane might not trust most Aes Sedai, but that was not to say she couldn’t form bonds with other women in her position. Ravenhild wanted to escape the Tower, this was known amongst Novices, which was not much different from distrusting Aes Sedai. Perhaps there was a bridge that could be formed between Ravenhild and Viviane.


                Hah! The enemy of my enemy is my friend, but dare I? Ashes are easy enough to acquire. It’s an old trick, not too difficult to pull off…


                Despite all the thoughts and emotion running through her head, the one thing Viviane felt was anger. It really wasn’t fair, being targeted for no specific reason. Viviane was here to learn and then get on with her life. This Accepted had no right to meddle where she was not wanted.




                Before she knew it, Viviane was standing before a plain wooden door. She was only paces from her own room. Ravenhild should be on the other side of that door, hopefully unoccupied. If Viviane was right, Raven just might be amenable to her suggestion.


                Just a light prank. Ashes and embarrassment. It will be just cruel enough to get the Accepted to lay off. Light knows we have enough to deal with… Ravenhild better agree, otherwise I’ll have to carry this out on my own.


                Viviane straightened her spine, threw her head back, and knocked at Ravenhild’s door.

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"Eesh!" Raven wipes her brow. This is way harder than she expected. The pile of bedclothes she stole from the laundry baskets lays at her feet. She has only managed to tear two of them into ribbons. Her scissors were definitely not sharp enough to do the job -the Mistress of the Novices probably didn't trust her enough to allow her near anything too sharp-, so she has to use her tiny arms and fingers... what a mess!


Her plan is simple. She only needs to make enough ribbons to make a rope, then on the first day she'll have access to a room situated on the first floor...


A wide grin appears on her face.


The red-haired girl is in a good mood today. She's feeling so good and proud of herself that she can't resist singing a little song as she pulls on two pieces of fabric.

A bear there was, a bear, a bear!
all black and brown, and covered with hair.
The bear! The bear!
Oh come they said, oh come to the fair!
The fair? Said he, but I'm a bear...

Suddenly someone knocks at the door. Ooooooh flaming hells !!!!!  As her cheeks start to burn, she quickly pushes all the fabric under her bed. Then, she grabs her cape and pulls it from the hook where it is hanging. Cursing again, she throws it on her bed to cover the traces that could indicate what she has been busy with the whole early afternoon.


As the last touch, she grabs a book that she places on her table and moves the chair towards it. Her visitor will believe that she has been reading.


"Come in," she says with a sigh as she moves toward the door. She hopes that her visitor is not an Aes Sedai nor one of the Accepted who are supposed to keep an eye on her. Of all these Accepted Yuki is definitely the worst. The flaming Arrafelin's seems to have eyes on her back! She really has a way to know things she's not supposed to.


The door slowly opens and beyond stands Viviane, one of Raven's classmates.


"Hey!" Raven says scratching her nose.






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                It took everything in her power not to just stride past Ravenhild. It wasn’t that she was trying to be disrespectful, she was just eager to be on with the whole thing. In fact, she kind of liked Raven. The girl had spunk, but that was all she really knew about the girl (besides the whole leaving the tower thing.)


                Instead, Viviane put on her sweetest smile and took a breath, “Hello, Raven. Not busy, I trust?”


                Viviane stood up on her tip-toes to peer past Raven, not making any effort to hide it. The room looked much like Viviane’s own. Simple and lived in. There was a book on her table, and the bed was a mess. If one of the Aes Sedai saw Raven’s bed, they may have a fit. Novices were expected to be perfect, and that extended to their living quarters. Not that Viviane was much better.


                “I thought not. That book on the table can wait till later. I’ve got a proposition for you, Raven. It seems that we two share a common… annoyance? Yes, that’s a good word. Annoyance,” Viviane gave Raven a knowing look. She did not wish to spell it all our for Raven, not in the hallways where any Novice could hear them. No, this called for secrecy. “May I come in? I’m afraid explaining this may take a few moments, and I can assure you that you will be very interested in what I have to say. So, may I? Please?”


                Putting on that sugary smile again, Viviane batted her lashes at Raven. That always worked on the City Guard back home. Oh, Raven was no man, but Viviane couldn’t be sure this Raven didn’t prefer the company of other women. She would flirt with every Novice in the Tower if it meant getting what she wanted.

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An annoyance? Raven scowls. The Tower is an annoyance, this flaming Novice-thing is an annoyance, but surely not for Viviane. She always seems so happy during their classes ... and she never said that she wanted to escape Tar Valon. She even tried to make me abandon my plans!


Raven keeps on scratching her nose as watches her visitor. This is the first time that Viviane actually comes to her room. Usually, they meet in the corridors or in the classrooms to chat, talk or study, but when one retires to her bedroom, the other went her way.


And now, here is Viviane standing on the tip of her toes to check what she has been busy with. How could she NOT feel uncomfortable?


"I am not sure we have an annoyance in common," Raven says placing her hands on her hips.  "For all I know, you could be one of the Mistress of the Novices' pets... and I have things to do. That book to finish, and that mess to clean up..."


She points with her thumb behind her. 


Her words came out way more dryly than she expected. She doesn' t want to be mean with Viviane. She just wants to be alone and the sweet smile that the other girl flashed has set her on edge.  So far Viviane has been very nice to her. She even helped her a couple of time with their channeling exercises, to compare her to Yuki or any other Accepted is very unfair.


As Yuki's face flashes through her mind, Raven opens her mouth. The annoyance we have in common, it could be Yuki!


"Please, come in!" she says pulling the other girl towards her. She quickly looks into the corridor and happily notes that no one is around. At least no one who could mean trouble: not Accepted, no Novices, no Aes Sedai... only servants. 


Once the door is closed behind her, Raven crosses her arms and turns towards Viviane.


"So, what is it you want to talk about?"



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                Viviane let out a shriek as Raven dragged her into the room. She was not expecting to get jostled around. It took little effort to regain composure, “Sorry for yelping, you surprised me.”


                Sweeping her eyes across the room, Viviane again took stock of Raven’s personal space. She caught sight of a tattered cloth strip sticking out from beneath the blanket. Walking over to it, she lifted the blanket to find what she assumed to be the makings of a rope, “You’re going to get yourself killed if you try that. Unless you’re using the Power to strengthen the rope, it will surely snap. The fabric used to make our linens isn’t strong enough to support a human body. It just so happens that I know a very simple weave to improve fabrics… I’ll gladly show it to you if you help me with something… You might even want to stay in the Tower after we are done!”


                Viviane spun on Raven, and smiled. Viviane’s eyes were glittering like two small orbs of ice, mischief passing across her face. Rubbing her hands together, Viviane went on in a conspiratorial tone, “I am of course talking about Yuki. She seems to think that the two of us are trying to get her kicked out of the tower! P’shaw! The milksop was able to sneak into my room yesterday and covered my bed in rats! I hate rats! That’s not even the worst of it! A few days prior, she was able to slip itchoak into my linens. I’m still trying to wash it out of my slip.”


                The thoughts of all those pranks came flooding back to Viviane. Her face burned red, almost as red as her hair. She went on, “I mean to put her in her place. We are still Novices, so let’s act like it! I happen to know that Yuki was assigned reading by the Mistress of Novices. Another girl said she saw Yuki heading down to the library just a few moments ago… If we’re quick, we may be able to get her. Oh, don’t give me that look. I know I haven’t told you what the prank is. I cannot do that until you agree to work with me in this. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!” Viviane tossed her head back and gave a good throaty laugh at that last line. She felt very clever saying it out loud.

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Raven's mouth is wide open.  She watches Viviane behave as if she owns the place and silently curses. The older Novices goes immediately for the bed and dares, DARES, to criticise her work - not that she's wrong, of course - why has she forgotten about the strengthening of the rope?


Trying to regain some composure, Raven clears her throat and crosses her arms. Before she has the time to say anything, Viviane turns, smiling. 


           “I am of course talking about Yuki. She seems to think that the two of us are trying to get her kicked out of the tower! P’shaw! The milksop was able to sneak into my room yesterday and covered my bed in rats! I hate rats! That’s not even the worst of it! A few days prior, she was able to slip itchoak into my linens. I’m still trying to wash it out of my slip.”


A smile comes to Raven's lips. So, I am not the only one, she thinks somehow reassured. She wonders why Yuki would be such a pain with Viviane, though. Again, Viviane has never said she wanted to leave the Tower. 


 “I mean to put her in her place",  Viviane goes on. "We are still Novices, so let’s act like it! I happen to know that Yuki was assigned reading by the Mistress of Novices. Another girl said she saw Yuki heading down to the library just a few moments ago… If we’re quick, we may be able to get her. Oh, don’t give me that look. I know I haven’t told you what the prank is. I cannot do that until you agree to work with me in this. After all, the enemy of my enemy is my friend!”


Viviane may be laughing but Raven knows the risks. She already tried to prank one of the Accepted and it ended up badly for her. Her poor hands still remember the many pots she had to scrub for it. However, this time, she wouldn't be alone. As Carietta had told her many times before, there's always more in two brains than in one.


"Alright," Raven says. "Suppose that I agree to help you, you'll have to forget what you have seen here, ok? Also, you'll have to tell me about that strengthening weave...  AND there's no turning back. If we start something we stick to it, 'till the end. So, what do you say?"

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                Raven played right into Viviane’s hand. She knew the girl hated Yuki. How couldn’t you? What Viviane wasn’t sure on was whether or not Raven had any sense of vengeance. A wolfish grin flashed on Viviane’s face while she regarded the other Novice.


                “I agree to your terms… friend,” Viviane’s smile grew wider at that word, “You shall have my silence and my weave. It is a simple thing, only uses a few tiny threads of Earth, but I shan’t show you until our revenge is complete. I don’t think any of the Sisters knows the weave either. What use would they have of it? I’d pay good money to see any Aes Sedai sewing her own gowns. P’shaw!”


                Not waiting for an invitation, Viviane sat herself on Raven’s tiny bed, beckoning for the other Novice to take a seat on the one stool in the room. Taking a moment to smooth her dress, Viviane collected her thoughts and went over the plan in her head.


                “As I was saying, Yuki should be down in the library right now. My sources tell me that she was assigned a book entitled, ‘Metal Minds and Magic Spikes,’ from my understanding it is a book that details the element of Earth and all of it’s uses. It seems poor Yuki has absolutely no skill when it comes to Earth, not surprising that; but I digress. The point is that I’ve seen the book. It is a lengthy tome wrapped in black leather.”


                Viviane paused and gave Raven a look, to see if she was still listening. Satisfied, Viv went on, “I happen to have one more little ‘weave’ up my sleeve. This one isn’t so much a weave… I discovered it by accident while practicing with Lillian Sedai… It would be better if I just showed you.”


                Calming her mind, and picturing the rosebud, Viviane opened herself to Saidar and let it flood her.


                Light… if only I could feel this way all of the time!


                Viviane pulled out a thin thread of Fire and Earth. She focused the threads onto a blank space on the wall, being careful to keep the two separate. Once she was satisfied, Viviane wound the two threads together. As soon as she was done, the two threads made a tiny explosion, leaving behind a large circle of ashes on the wall. Viviane looked away from the pitch-black circle and arched an eyebrow at Raven, “I’ll clean that up… don’t give me that look.”


                Viviane released the source and moved back to the bed, talking as she walked, “You and I are going to sneak down to the Library. We will distract the chit, or wait for her to walk away; then we pounce. Using this ‘weave,’ we can cake her book in a mountain of ashes. She will not know it, seeing as the book is black, until it is too late. The poor sop will be covered head to toe in blackness before she even realizes what has happened! Not only will it take her forever to clean herself and her clothes, but she is sure to be punished by a Brown Sister. You know how much that hate it when other people soil or ruin the books of the Tower!” Viviane was laughing again, “What do you think?”

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Raven focuses on Viviane's threads hoping that she'll be able to reproduce her friend's weave later. Friend, it is so strange for the young Cairhienin to call someone who is not Carrietta her friend


But, then Viviane is not like the other Novices. She knows how to convince people - servants but also visitors - to help her with her chores and she is not scared to channel without the assistance of an Accepted or an Aes Sedai. Maybe I'll be like her in a couple of years?


Raven quickly shakes her head thinking that, no, she won't be like her. To be like her, she would have to stay in the Tower and to spend more time with her. And that is something she's not planning on.


Viviane's idea sounds perfect. Sneaking in the library, distracting Yuki, caking her book with ashes and having her punished by a Brown Sister. It looks easy enough. "What do you think?" Viviane asks laughing. 


"I think that I like your plan. But, we have to be careful. No one has to notice us channeling... So, I am all in." A wide grin appears on her face. "Let's go!?"


She nods towards the door hoping that no one will come to her room while she'll be in the library. If the Mistress of the Novices hears about her rope, it will be the end of her - well of her backside.




The corridors are as empty as they were a moment before. No Aes Sedai, no Accepted, to be seen. There are only a couple of Novices who are already far away from her room and a servant who is too busy sweeping the floor to notice anything.


The girls move fast and silently. The library is not very far, but they have stairs to climb to reach the right level. 


And stairs are dangerous. Who knows who they'll meet or who will see them? 





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                Stairs loomed before Viviane and Raven. They were almost there. Almost. Dinner would be started in the Kitchens soon, and today Viviane was expected to help with the spit. She hated the spit. It was so tedious. Standing there for a few hours, slowly turning the crank… It made her day drag to a snail’s pace. It was maddening.


                So long as Raven and she were quick about it, Viviane would have plenty of time to make it down to the kitchens. If she didn’t, well, she’d rather be punished for being late instead of the encroaching prank.


                Before moving forward, Viviane spoke to Raven in a hushed whisper, “If anyone stops us, play it cool. No one ever questions you if you act like you’re supposed to be doing what you’re doing. So long as the Mistress of Novices doesn’t cross our path, we should have no problems.”


                I hope.


                The pair resumed their path up the stairs. Winding steps, dizzying if you kept swinging your head about, seemed to go on forever. Raven and Viv passed a few servants on the way up, no one so much as glancing at the pair. They were bent about various tasks. Polishing candelabras. Dusting statues. Arranging flowers in numerous vases. Everything seemed to be going smoothly.


                Raven and Viviane finally reached the top of the stairs, the Library was now within view. Before the library, however, was Gwenfar Sedai. She had been the White Sister that had brought Viviane to the Tower. She hadn’t seen her since meeting with the Mistress of Novices. Viviane wasn’t even sure how long ago that was. She had lost track of time since becoming a Novice. It had been months, perhaps even years, since last she spoke with Gwenfar Sedai.


                Viviane’s eyes bulged out for a moment before she was able to seize some semblance of serenity. “Follow my lead,” Viv quickly whispered to Raven.


                Gwenfar Sedai was walking in their direction, a few pieces of paper were in her hands. The woman seemed to be reading very intently. She almost walked right into Viviane and Raven but looked up at the last moment. Her facial expression remained passive. She was a handsome woman. Tall and slender with a thick head of brown hair. Today she was dressed in a long, flowing white gown. If Viviane didn’t know better, she would have guessed silk, but it could’ve been satin.


                “Oh. Hello Viviane and…?” Gwenfar Sedai greeted them.


                “Good Afternoon, Gwenfar Sedai. This is Ravenhild,” Viviane replied without missing a beat.


                “Hello, Ravenhild. I trust the both of you are enjoying your time in the Tower?”


                “Oh yes, Gwenfar Sedai!”


                “And staying out of trouble, I would hope?” Gwenfar said, cocking an eyebrow at the two of them.


                “I do not even know the meaning of the word, Gwenfar Sedai. No. Raven has been having some troubles with her studies, and I offered to go to the Library with her. Surely there are a few books in there that could benefit a Novice,” Viviane spoke, all sweetness.


                Gwenfar was silent for a moment, considering the two. Viviane felt sweat trickle down her back, but she kept her face schooled. Mother would have been proud.


                Finally, Gwenfar spoke up, “Yes, I suppose they do. Off with you now. If I hear of any trouble, you shall both be coming to me after the Mistress of Novices has seen to correcting your behavior. Do I make myself understood?”


                Viviane replied quickly, “Crystal clear, Gwenfar Sedai.”


                The Aes Sedai gave the pair a curt nod and strode past them, descending the stairs to the lower levels. When Gwenfar was out of earshot, Viviane exhaled loudly, “Thank the Light… C’mon, Raven, before she decides to turn back!”

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OOC :  it is almost bedtime for me and it's super hard to write something that makes sense lol

I promise I'll post first thing in the morning ^.^

Sowwwy <3 I should have taken care of this sooner today.

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OOC: Thanks ^^


“Follow my lead,” Viv quickly whispers to Raven who opens her mouth to protest. Who does she think I am? Some kind of milksop? Of course, Raven doesn't know what a milksop is. She heard some of her father's friends use the word and decided that she too should use it. She likes the way it sounds. And using it makes her feel older. She doesn't have the chance to say a word though. 


Gwenfar Sedai is coming their way, her nose in a stack of paper she's carrying. Raven grins imagining what would happen to the woman would she trip. The girl is almost set on extending a foot in her direction when the flaming woman raises her head. 


"Oh. Hello Viviane and...?" she asks.


Viviane introduces Raven with a polite smile while the young Cairhienin looks towards her feet. Many Aes Sedai have told her that she looks defiant even when she makes efforts to look as innocent as a lamb.


"Hello, Ravenhild," Gwenfar Sedai sounds like she's talking to a child of three.  "I trust the both of you are enjoying your time in the Tower?"


Raven boils inside but she keeps her mouth shut. She waits for Viviane to reply for her.  It is safer that way.


"Oh yes, Gwenfar Sedai," her friend says with enthusiasm.


The Aes Sedai keeps on talking but Raven doesn't pay attention to what she says. She toys instead with the skirts of her dress waiting for the woman to leave.




Viviane exhales loudly, “Thank the Light… C’mon, Raven, before she decides to turn back!”


It is hard for Raven not to run. They do have to hurry but moving too fast would attract too much attention. Please; please, Yuki stay where you are!!! Raven silently begs. Yuki has to be in the library. There's no way I'll go back to my room empty handed tonight! We need to catch her and make her pay!




The library is quiet - it is always quiet. Raven looks around and only sees a couple of Aes Sedai. Most of them look like members of the Brown Ajah. They don't wear the brown shawl but they have the Brown - look. Hair a bit messy, dresses that look more comfortable than pretty, and their noses deep in their books.


They are also a couple of Novices that she recognizes. Soon, they'll probably have to leave for the evening chores... 


Now where is Yuki, Raven wonders?


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                Viviane and Raven both did a quick scan of the room. Just as suspected: nothing but Novices, Accepted, and a few Browns. The question of distraction had been one that had plagued Viviane ever since she had concocted this plan of vengeance. One night though, it hit her like a lightning bolt to the head.


                Motioning for Raven to follow, the pair walked off and got lost in a few towering bookcases. There were no Sisters in sight. Not here. Viviane spun on Raven, a finger coming to her mouth, motioning for quiet.


                “Now… here’s the part of the plan you might not like.” Viviane said, chewing on her bottom lip.


                Viviane reached into her belt pouch and produced a set of flint and steel, along with a few crumpled up pieces of parchment. She thrust it all into Raven’s hands.


                “I know this may not seem fair, but I can’t be sure you’ll set our little ‘ash weave’ off properly. No offense is meant by that statement. You’ve only seen me do it once and this may be our only chance… If we screw this up, Yuki may very well know that we are in cahoots,” Viviane said that all quickly and quietly.


                “You may be wondering how we shall distract Yuki… Well, I’ve come up with a way to distract everyone here,” mischief glittered in Viviane’s eyes, “I will go back and keep an eye on Yuki. You are to go and find one of the reading alcoves along the back wall. Use the flint and steel to light the parchment I’ve handed you. Leave it burning on one of the tables in the alcove, well away from books. We are only distracting here, not destroying. With luck, everyone in the library will be rushing over to the fire, leaving Yuki’s book free and that should also give me a window to channel the weave, without a Sister noticing. They will all be too busy extinguishing the fire.”


                Viviane plastered on a smile, watching Raven expectantly, “It is not too late to back out. I will understand if you want to… The Browns will be furious, to be sure. You know how protective they are when it comes to the Tower Library. We might even be shipped off to a farm for penance if anything goes wrong… Still, I can’t think of a better way to get back at her… Well… I can, but this is the only way without leaving a lasting mark on the girl… Not one that you can see at least.”

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  • 4 weeks later...

Raven rolls her eyes. She wants to tell Viv that she's not a child. She's fourteen and a half, after all. "Ok, let's do this," she says. "And I don't care about penance."


The elder Novice quickly nods before leaving to spy on Yuki. She's supposed to keep an eye on the Accepted while Raven is tasked to find one of the most clustered reading alcoves. She picks one not far from where she stands. It has no windows and is almost filled to the brim by books and parchments - the perfect place to do the deed.


As she pulls the flint from her pocket she hesitates. Shouldn't she just channel a thread of fire? She shakes her head. If she opens herself to Saidar, everyone around her will know that she's up to something.


Following Viv's instructions, she uses her tool to set fire to the corner of the blank piece of  parchment she's holding. She lets it fall on the small table at the back of the alcove and silently rushes to a dark corner.  A grin appears on her lips, no one saw her move.


It doesn't take long for someone to cry out.

"Fire!" a Novice shouts.


Raven hears people reacting, books closing and chairs moving. The library has never been that noisy. Its occupants hurry to the fire that has now reached a quite interesting size. Even if she wants to stay to see what will happen next Raven know that she has to take advantage of the commotion. She leaves her hiding spot to join her friend at the other side of the room.




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                Sweat beaded along Viviane’s brow and on the back of her neck. It had felt like weeks since Raven had disappeared into the stacks of books and amongst the alcoves. Viv felt the moisture dripping down the back of her dress and inching down her face. It was disgusting. She hated sweating more than anything. It was unfair that Aes Sedai never perspired. Why not Novices and Accepted? They too were women of the Tower, after all.


                “Fire!” a Novice shouted. Viv’s eyes darted towards the voice. It had come from the direction Raven had been heading.


                Perfect! Maybe there’s hope for that girl, yet.


                Viviane sprang into motion, eyes finding Yuki in the tumult. The girl was off, rushing towards the fire, with the rest of the women in the Library. Everything was going according to plan. Viviane really was the only girl within 10 spans. Everyone was preoccupied with the fire.


                I should be worried that everything is going off without a hitch. Grandmother said to never waste an opportunity, though…


                It wasn’t hard, opening herself to Saidar. In fact, it was coming increasingly easier for Viviane. The river of energy simply slipt into Viviane’s body, as if that gushing fount had always been there. Quickly and deftly, she pulled out two threads, one of Fire and one of Earth. Viviane focused those threads over the book that Yuki had just been reading.


                C’mon, Viv. Faster.


                Heartbeating and sweat still forming, Viviane gently lay the threads just so over the book. Once she was satisfied, she gave a twitch and the threads wound together almost automatically. As the last flow touched the other, a tiny explosion popped over the book, it’s sound swallowed by the clamor over the fire in the alcove.


                The book looked unchanged, so Viv bent to place a finger on it. Just as she had hoped, the fingertip came back black. Viviane spit at it and rubbed the ash off on the underside of her shift.




                Viviane released Saidar and ran over to Raven, who was now emerging from the Bookcases, away from the clamor.


                With a hushed whisper, Viviane spoke to Raven, “All is right on my end. I trust no one saw you either?” She couldn’t help but smile when she said that to the other Novice. It was wrong, but it was oh so fun! Perhaps Viviane really had made a friend in this.

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Remarkable, simply remarkable! Senette hummed to herself as she swept through the tiled halls of the tower, a pile of books and sketches in her hands and resting reverently atop them was the pristine, perfect cutting of a snow-white anemone and the source of the current bounce in her step. It had been something of an idle experiment initially, wondering if she could cultivate a blossom in such a pure colour and formation from rosier hues growing in the gardens, and it had become a labour of love and extreme patience. Reds had lightened to pinks and ivory, but at last she had found success and the bloom was not only the right colour but it was also unblemished in formation. Coaxed along its journey with the help of the one power, the fragile flower was a symbol of Senette's triumph.


No longer needing the reference volumes she carried, she made her way to the library to return them and to pick up another slender tome, one she was quite sure made mention of the use of saidar in horticulture. She liked to think she could expand upon the knowledge therein. Mayhap she would even publish her own book about her experiments, with results such as these! Deep in her own reveries, she didn't notice the people she passed and certainly not the glances at the grass-stains on her cornflower-blue skirts or the tendrils of hair escaping the confines of the two braids she wore in the traditional Arafelin style, tinkling silver bells and all. 


What she did at last notice was some sort of ruckus in the library, something of note by the sounds of urgent voices. Dropping her returned books with a harried looking Brown, she carried her fistful of rough sketches and carefully, so carefully carried flower towards to commotion to see what was going on. "Oh! There it is." Chaos forgotten, she noticed the volume she was after sitting unattended on an empty table. Tch, the Browns never liked anyone to leave the precious books lying about, how fortunate she found it before the poor person who left if suffered a tongue lashing. She flipped it open with one hand, skimming the contents briefly before closing the black covers with a satisfied nod. Excellent. What a delightful day this was proving to be. Piling the sketches and the precious flower atop the book, she collected her things and swept out of the library, blissfully unaware of the black smudges now staining her fingertips.



ooc: I figured you'd like to tag her a bit and enjoy the spectacle! Feel free to have her absentmindedly spread it, I promise she will notice eventually and as I'm sure you can guess it will be disastrous in her eyes and there will be hell to pay. She'll probably meander about and eventually end up back in the gardens. Have fun!

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