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I gots a question

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Yeah, basically you need for me to approve the whole thing. And so far there's three things you need to get approved.


1) Arath getting a Ter'angreal. (We're pretty strict with these things)

2) Letting Arath into the stash at the Stone of Tear.

3) Arath actually making Ter'angrea.



To be honest, I'm more than happy to approve the first two, provided you can show me there's more to this then Arath gaining an advantage over others (There's also been the INCARN worry over channelers with angreal/ter'angreal going god-modding).


In other words, if you can show me some well thought out Rp ideas, that actually work towards Arath unlocking an understanding of Ter'angreal and how they function on a basic level, then I'll jump at a chance to approve it. (Btw, this goes the same for other talents and people wanting to apply for them)


Which brings me to one question, did Dalinar approve the Make Ter'Angreal talent for you? Can't really go forward with much before you get that.



If you want to chat via PM or MSN, you know how to contact me. Otherwise I'm fine with keeping this an open thread for others to see.

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