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Approved updated BT Bio for Ful Haert - CC'd by Admin


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Writer/Player Contact Info

DM Handle: Lih-Lyh

Character Details
Alliance Group: Black Tower
Division/Rank: Recruit

Character Name: Ful Haert
Age: 15

Gender: Male
Place of Birth/Raising: Jehannah, Ghealdan

Physical Description

Weight: 96 lbs
Eye color: Dark brown
Hair color: Brown


Ful has fair skin and dark hair. He’s a slender boy, with a slight frame and lean. His lips are very red. This and his youth lend him a feminine aspect. He’s often dressed in plain black leggings and boots.


Character Personality


He has a soft, calm voice - speaks with a clipped Ghaeldan accent.

Super ambitious, wants to make a difference in the world.

Still a member of the guild of craftsman as he’s born and bred to a merchant family

Pumped full of dreams and ideals about chivalrous past.


Strengths: Driven. Cares about friends and family. Mild tempered. Listens well. Admits and asks for help when it’s in his interest.

Flaws/Weaknesses:  Hungers for prestige and recognition. Insecure, envious of his brother and anybody who he considers to be greater, or better than himself. His body is flexible from being active but not strong in the muscular sense.


Character History


When he was small, Ful Haert would wake up early to catch the sunrise. He gloried in the shade of the Mountains of Mist, daydreaming of becoming a great man.

Ful's older brother, Gavin, became a fervent Child of the Light, and was promoted rather quickly through the ranks. Mother wanted Ful to take after Gavin but Ful, as an act of childish rebellion to his parents, packed his bags for Tear, the city he'd always wanted to visit, and left home.

There, through word of mouth, Ful heard about the Asha'man who recruited, tested, and taught men how to channel. Feeling excited to try this, the young man eventually made contact with them and was then taken to a place known as "The Farm", with nothing but half a purse of gold marks, two daggers, and a great deal of hope.


Ful was very happy to find out on his arrival there that he could channel Saidin. Even if the feeling made his stomach sick, he felt sure it’d help him become great.


Over the course of the next month, he met a dedicated by the name of Linten and was brought into the Shienaran Attack Leader, Isha's, house. Quickly Ful became Isha's mentee, but it was not long after his arrival that Isha, along with his fellow student, Linten, brought two bonded Aes Sedai, Faile and Eqwina Sedai, from what the Black Tower officially called the Battle of Watchers . . . also known as the funny little Incident In Which Isha Broke Ful's Favorite Chair.


Soon after this, Isha went mad from the Taint and Ful was thus left without a mentor as well as Isha's guidance, although he still--thankfully--had Isha's place to stay at. He became firmly convinced that women can make you crazy. Especially Aes Sedai witches.


Character Scores


OP Scores
Strength: 30         Skill: 26       Potency: 56


Air:        6    ( cost: 7 )

Earth:    6    (cost: 6  )  

Fire:      6    (cost: 6  )

Water:   5    (cost: 5  )  

Spirit:    6    (cost: 6  )  

Total:   29     (cost 30 )


Weapons Score: 4   

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CC'd. I reworded the part marked in red just a little to reflect the fact that the Farm, its location and its purpose is kept very much under wraps. The BT recruits men through a front of house operation in Tear. With that slight alteration though, you're all set.

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