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Battered (Open/Solo?)


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Ooc: pretty sure I'm the only one here. People are welcome to join, but if not, that is okay too. And yes, I have a small collection of HR lines.... >.>



She hefted the sack of dirty laundry from the back of her horse and it landed to the ground with a heavy thump. Brushing a few strands of blonde hair from her eyes, Cairma looked upon the bustling yard, reveling in the familiarity that it brought. The laughter wasn't the same, the shouting voices of trainers weren't the same. Even the faces weren't the same. But still, the Yard was still the Yard and everything within it was still the same. Knowing still that if anything was different, it was her. Though, not for the lack of trying. New scars, new mental disposition, and a rage that simmered much deeper within her instead of constantly on the surface where it had so easily been provoked by others. After this amount of time, she better damn sure be in control of that rage. 


Hefting her saddle bags, in addition to the laundry, she left the horse in good care with the stable hands - knowing she too was in need of some TLC - she barked out orders to the Trainee's that were travelling with her. "Before you head in, brush down your horses and see that they have feed. It's been a long ride for all of us, but they had to carry your ugly hides this whole way. Only after they are settled may you go bath off the stench." One of them looked at her about to protest, but Cairma merely raised an eyebrow. They survived the Borderlands only barely because of this one's smart mouth and she wasn't going to let him fall back now that they were within the confines of the Yard. "I out rank you, trainee. And I have reports to write on your behavior." There was a wince from a few of them. "Learn to take orders, even the simplest of them." And with that, Cairma left the stables, paused to drop off her satchels in her room, the laundry bag with the laundry, and headed to the baths to wash off yet another year of blight stench from her skin.


A good hour of soaking, and she could hear the Trainee's that had been with her over the various partisans, Cairma pulled herself out of the baths, wrapped herself in a towel and returned to her room. Dressed then settled at her writing desk to finish up any of the reports she felt were incomplete. Reports that she often wrote while the trainee slept off a good hard day. Evening watch was a good time as any to keep up with necessary paperwork. A hand through her hair, she could feel it was yet again too long for her liking, she lit the candle so that she could leave a small seal from her signet ring. Pressing it into the simple white wax, she rolled them up and headed out to the Master at Arms office to deliver them. Kilrin wasn't the worst or the best of MoA's but she had taken a few good steps in ensuring the domain of the Yard held to its standards. Brand seemed to have earned his retirement, and she couldn't blame him. The Tower Guards under his watch remained unruly when not given orders.


Leaving the Barracks, Cairma took her time to look around the Yards. Looking for familiar faces and taking note of which were new or who were older. The older ones often Trainee's that had earned a new status and could in turn could torture the new batch of trainee's in return. It was still the same Yard. Battered, but still the same.



Cairma Vishnu

Old Ren'Shai Grandmaster

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And their day off began.


After parting from Nerome and the others at the dorm, Ashley headed out alone to a noisier part of the area. He didn’t plan anything special. Just wanted to show himself in the yard and maybe chat with familiar people to spend his time.


A lonely, long day without plans worried Ashley. He thought how great it would be if he had some job or hobby to take up time deliberately. However, there was no need to set up a date with a girl . . . all the girls here can beat him senseless, not counting the dangerous ones inside the tower. There was also no need to shop in town like the others when he didn’t have money to spend. Staying behind Ashley had just enough time off to feel bored, even anxious, but too little time to find part-time work.


Around the yard, a man had started up a musical performance and a crowd was gathering. It was pleasant too, a familiar tune that was easy to listen without putting too much heart into it.


All kinds of exciting people were around Ashley no matter where he looked, in nationality as well as roles. Beside the singer and the growing crowd, there were trainees jostling one another, stablehands on break sharing jokes, warders geared in considerably more dignified poise, even an ageless face or two was spotted here and there.


Most seem to have business elsewhere as they brushed past Ashley, exiting the noisy area. Standing in the midst of all that, center of this exciting yard, Ashley waited for some interesting thing to happen.

If only there was someone he knew . . . something to do


Out of nowhere, a flash of blue green eyes stabbed like polish daggers into his as their gazes overlapped.


Hum. There was somebody carefully looking around as she walked, as if jotting down faces into a mental notebook. Short blonde hair, as if ready to attack at any minute, shook according to her gait. Listless from the time passing without purpose, he was drawn to such intense vitality. 


Too new to know any fear, Ashley walked to her 


“Hi, name’s Ashley! You look like you know your way around here. Can I join you?”

His shouts rose over the music & laughter around them. In response, some of the noise fell.


Ashley Wilkes



Ooc: Ashley has dark hair, dark eyes. He’s young (16 yrs), fair skinned and shorter than Cairma. Soft face with unremarkable features. Was a tinker before now no longer pacifist, just a vegetarian. Feel free to rebuke him. he's open to interacting with anybody :)

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