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What happened to the Two Rivers Asha'man?


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I am not sure Perrin was there when they were recruited.  Taim was recruited in book 6 and that's the time Perrin was feeling Rand's pull and left the Two Rivers.  So I think Perrin would of been gone by the time Taim went there to recruit.  So Perrin probably doesn't even know they were recruited.

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According to the Companion his tactic in the Two Rivers was he would openly talk about Rand being the Dragon Reborn and say Rand sent him.  He played up the grand adventure aspects, demonstrated channeling, and dismissed fears of insanity.  The Village Councils and the Women's Circles knew they couldn't stop him, but talked against him.  He managed to recruit some fourty plus men and boys in the two rivers.  Some had to run away to join him.


Perin more than likely took men only between certain ages and I can't see Perrin really going out of his way to encourage people to come with him since it was the start of his ten book complaining about being a leader.  Perrin is more of the type to say you are all crazy for wanting to come, don't you know this won't be all fun and some exciting adventure?

So I could see some the older types thinking wow marching with an army doesn't sound fun but Taim shows up and really puts on a show and talks about how exciting it's going to be etc..  Some who stayed might of started thinking wow this seems exciting.   Taim also didn't care about ages so you might be twelve or fifty, he wouldn't care.

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