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New to the Series (sorta) Speed Reading.


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Hey my name is Dan just wanted to introduce myself.


I started reading the series about 4 months ago, I purchased book 11 this morning, and now I am 600 pages into it. I actually had to read the last 4 pages real quick because I'm still trying to figure out how he is going to pull this all together in 1 more book.


I read very fast, I was wondering if anyone else speed reads? I am able to finish a whole 800 page Jordan book in about 5-6 hours. I skim pages that don't have a lot of talking and just look for talking and words that stand out. Anyone else do this? Ive been able to retain everything I have read but some people think its odd, however I seem to know more then anyone of my friends that has finished the series.


The only thing i ever missed was the rebirth of Lanfear as Moridin, I believe its her anyway.


Anyway, Hi everyone!

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Guest Barmacral

Lanfear is Cyndane, Ishmael is Moridin. Osan'gar is Aginor, Aran'gar is Balthemal. Bel'al, Sammael, Rahvin are all gone from the series for good.


Thats pretty impressive if you can pick up that much stuff in a single speedread.


I am able to speed read myself (except WoT, WoT has always been a slow read for me) but I do need to reread a book at least once after I speedread it in order to pick up a lot of stuff.


In any case, welcome! I hope you enjoy yourself here, and I'd recommend that you try and avoid the General WoT discussion at least until you finish book 11.


The structured discussion is a little safer to go into.

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Guest Egwene

Hav fun Dan :)


I speed read some stuff, but always try to read thouroughly with the WoT. There are so many small seemingly insignificant details all over, speed reading will never give you the full depth of the books.


When you get to the end of 11, try a re-read. Everyone pretty much agrees on that being the best. It is when you realise, even with thourough reading, just how much you missed firat time round.

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*doesnt speadread but still completed the books of TWOT in 4 months*


I never actually tried to speadread. And I dont read fast either but I just read long periods.



Welcome anyway and be sure to check Fiddlesticks for some good offtopic SPAM!!!! :lol:



*hugglycuddles his "not so secret" secret lover* :P

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Guest Emperor

I missed a newbie welcome? My deepest apologies. I missed a newbie welcome once before and look what happened to Sboy... it is all a very sad story I can't bare to bring up now. Poor poor Bean.


No fear newbie, you have been welcomed now!


And I saw that Corki... Bela indeed.... *shakes head*

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