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Approved WT TPC bio - CC'd by FL


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Handle: Nephitess

Email: Nephitess@dragonmount.com


Char name: TPC Phinnavir Tabor.

Reason for creation: Will be used in a RP and will eventually be stilled or killed.

Appearance: Tall with a long neck. Deep coppery skin with the Domani look. Long dark hair worn loose.

History: Phinn as she likes to be called grew up in Arad Doman. Born to a wealthy family she had everything she needed. In her early teenage years she began to fall ill. One day she would feverish and then the next she would be fine. One day an Aes Sedai meet her and could sense her abilities. She tested Phinn and sent her to the tower.

After years of training Phinn attained the shawl and chose the green ajah as her family. Always the daring one she bonded two warders at the same time. Having ever seen the blight and being newly raised, Pin decided to go for a trip to the borderlands.

While near the blight her group encountered a group of darkfriends. Among the members of the group were channelers who bound Phinn and her warders. After three years of being tortured and enduring the recent deaths of both her warders, Phinn is now a changed woman. She is mentally ill and delusional. She is under the impression that the Ammy set her capture and torture. This of course is untrue. Phinn is unknown and poor, she is living off the streets and tiring to make her way to the tower. while still in the borderlands Phinn will meet up with Cara Sedai of the brown Ajah and her warder Lithia. They will accompany her to the tower. there she will try to assassinate the Ammy. She will be unsuccessful and be killed or stilled.

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