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Admin Approved BT Bio for Masan Kashira - CC'd by CotL


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DM Handle: Lady GreyFist
Character Count: 1


Character Name: Masan Kashira
Nationality: Arafellin
Age: 21
Physical Characteristics: Masan has hazel eyes, dark brown hair in two braids with bells at the ends, and slightly tanned skin. He’s coming out of his leaner, youthful phase and starting to thicken up now that adolescence is passed. His angles are becoming less soft, but they have not yet become the sword-sharp planes of his father’s face.


Personality: Masan takes his dedication and his honor very seriously. When he commits to something, or binds himself with an oath, it is assured that he will fulfill it to the best of his ability. He’s also been known to get into scuffles with anyone who suggests that he has behaved dishonorably and made no restitution for it. That being said he does not take everything nearly as seriously as that. Masan is the first to laugh deep in his chest when he does something foolish, and can appreciate that others making jokes at his expense is a healthy way to make something positive out of something embarrassing. He’s a young man of passion and, being a little hot headed, he rarely thinks things through before jumping in and letting his heart lead where his mind should. This can easily get him into trouble and maybe one day he’ll learn. Masan has a bit of a foul mouth and tends to drop curses casually. His mother tried very hard to break him of it, but she never found any success.   


Personal History:
Masan had a rather standard childhood, in comparison to other youths living in North Eastern Arafel. As the third child of a blacksmith he spent more of his time running errands for his father and older brothers than cramming himself in with the three of them at their small, family forge. While his brothers learned more about their father’s craft, Masan found himself the constant aid to his aged, maternal grandfather. The grizzled old warrior seemed to have made it his personal mission to prepare Masan for the life of a soldier. It made sense. What else was there for a third son who spent more time learning the sword than the hammer?


Masan had always been close to Baun, a slightly older boy in the village. Neither were the eldest sons of their fathers’ crafts and so they agreed that, as they came of age, they would leave for Shol Arabela to join with the King’s army. Sadly, when Baun came of age and left for the capital, he was killed when a trolloc fist came about his group less than a day’s ride west of the village. While this was a common occurrence for people who lived a stone’s throw away from Tarwin’s Gap, and all the other members of the group managed to survive and bring Baun’s body home, it did not make the loss any less painful for Masan. But this was the Borderlands and one could not let grief cripple them. Grief was a blacksmith’s hammer that could, should one choose, shape or shatter. Masan had always hated Shadowspawn, but with a passive, cool kind of hate that came with accepting something as a fact of life. Losing Baun changed that in Masan; his hate became an inferno. He found that all he wanted to do with his life was to kill Shadowspawn.


If the loss of his friend was not enough, Masan began to notice, as he aged, that he could touch Saidin. The very idea terrified him! He couldn’t have anyone know! Mothers used men who could channel to frighten children! Men who could channel were monsters who would go mad and destroy the people they loved! Initially he decided he would simply try not to channel to both avoid notice and to stave off the madness. This was difficult. He was resolute that, when he started to feel the madness creep upon him, he would head into the blight and try to take as many Shadowspawn out with him before his death. However, when he heard of the Amnesty and the Black Tower agents recruiting in Tear, Masan began to consider his options. Neither the Amnesty nor the Tower would stop his inevitable madness and death, however, the Dragon Reborn was the natural enemy of the Shadow and the Black Tower was forging men who could channel into living weapons for the purpose of fighting the agents of the Dark One. Masan’s grandfather had a saying, ‘In battle, you do not forsake the sword for the knife.’ If he intended to kill the most Shadowspawn before his death, it would make far more sense to learn from the Dragon’s men and, if he survived, return to the Blight as a far more deadly soldier at the Last Battle.

Resolute, Masan informed his family that he would be traveling South to serve under the Dragon Reborn, which was not a complete lie. As much as deceiving them would be dishonorable, he would rather his family get to remember him as he was, rather than know the monster that he was going to spiral into. With his swords, supplies and determination burning in his belly he turned his back to the Blight and began his long journey.

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