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The Fires of Heaven

The Dragon Reborn returns to a land torn apart by War while the White Tower is broken.

Summary of The Fires of Heaven

Novel written by

Robert Jordan

Book summary by Joan Albright. Edited by Angela Carter.

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The Fires of Heaven: Summary

(Tammaz 27 - Choren 21, N.E. 999)

The Forsaken Rahvin, Graendal, Sammael, and Lanfear form an alliance, agreeing to work together to subdue Rand al’Thor. Siuan, Leane, Min, and Logain accidentally burn down a barn while searching for the Aes Sedai who reject Elaida’s rule, and are hunted by Lord Gareth Bryne. Queen Morgase is still in thrall to Gaebril, the supposed lord who ordered the death of Elayne.

In Rhuidean, Moiraine prepares to transport the city’s cache of ter’angreal to the Tower while Rand makes plans to take the Aiel out of the Waste. Asmodean has begun teaching Rand as best he can while partially shielded, playing the role of court bard in public. Mat attracts the interest of Melindhra—a former Shaido Maiden—while Rand and Aviendha’s relationship matures into something deeper. Egwene continues to study with the Wise Ones, but picks up Aiel ways as well as knowledge of the Dream.

Shadowspawn attack Rhuidean, and news comes that Couladin has set out toward Cairhien. Rand learns that balefire is dangerous because it can make time run backwards, unraveling the recent actions of those touched by it. Moiraine begs Rand to heed to her counsel, swearing to obey him if he will only listen. Rand’s Aiel break camp and head west after the Shaido.

Nynaeve and Elayne enter Amadicia in disguise, trying to return to Tar Valon. An agent for the Yellow Ajah subdues them with something called forkroot, which can dampen a woman’s ability to channel, but they escape and change disguises. They do so again when Elayne runs into her half-brother Galad—now a Whitecloak—and hide among a traveling circus run by Valan Luca.

Siuan’s party learns that the Blue Ajah has fled to the village of Salidar, and travels there with Gareth Bryne hot on their heels. Nynaeve and Egwene also discover the split, and that Elaida is Amyrlin, but have a harder time tracking down the location of the rebel contingent. Morgase breaks free of Gaebril’s Compulsion, and escapes Caemlyn with the help of Tallanvor, Lini, and innkeeper Basel Gill. Rand’s Aiel follow the trail of looting and burning left by the Shaido.

Moghedien finally catches Nynaeve in Tel’aran’rhiod, but is shot by Birgitte and flees. As a parting gift, Moghedien casts Birgitte out of the Dream and into the waking world, where she nearly dies before Elayne thinks to bond her as a Warder.

The circus reaches Samara, where Nynaeve learns that an old acquaintance—the former Shienaran soldier Masema—has proclaimed himself the Prophet of the Dragon and gathered an army of Dragonsworn. She also runs into Galad again, and asks both to help her secure passage downriver on the next boat that docks there.

The battle for Cairhien begins. Rand, Egwene, and Aviendha channel at the Shaido from a watchtower until Sammael knocks it down. Mat, while attempting to avoid the conflict, finds himself in the thick of things and leading a small army of Tairens and Cairhienin. He duels Couladin and wins. After recovering from his injuries, Rand enters Cairhien and is offered its throne, but declines. The Cairhienin nobility swear fealty to him.

Galad and Masema start a riot in Samara by trying to secure the same boat for Nynaeve. Nynaeve, Elayne, Thom, Juilin, and a handful of Shienarans led by Uno fight their way to the boat and board. They take several refugees with them, some of whom follow the group to Salidar.

The welcome in Salidar is colder than Nynaeve and Elayne expected it to be, but their information about Tel’aran’rhiod is immediately put to good use. Siuan tries to blackmail Nynaeve into teaching her how to use the ring—which doesn’t require channeling—but Nynaeve exacts a promise of her own.

News comes to Cairhien that Morgase is dead. Rand, knowing that Gaebril was really Rahvin in disguise, swears to avenge her. As he prepares his assault, Lanfear discovers how close Rand and Aviendha have become and attacks them, also catching Egwene in the weave. Moiraine rescues them by dragging Lanfear through the redstone doorway where Mat acquired his spear; the doorway melts. Lan’s bond to Moiraine is broken, leaving Rand to believe that both Moiraine and Lanfear are dead.

Rand mourns Moiraine, but cannot put off the assault. The Maidens coerce him into taking them, despite his anguish over watching women die. They Skim to Caemlyn, where Rahvin’s first strike takes down Aviendha, Asmodean, and Mat.

Moghedien spies on Nynaeve in Tel’aran’rhiod while the latter is teaching Siuan. With Birgitte’s help, Nynaeve bests Moghedien a second time and traps her with a damane leash. Moghedien, afraid Nynaeve will try to execute her, reveals that Rand is walking into a trap. Nynaeve travels to the reflection of Caemlyn, though with little idea of how she might help. Fortunately for both Nynaeve and Rand, Rahvin takes the battle into the Dream, where they corner him and slay him with balefire—restoring to life all those he killed upon Rand’s arrival. Nynaeve realizes Moghedien has followed them to Salidar, and promises to find her in the waking world.

Saldaean Lord Davram Bashere arrives in Caemlyn hunting Mazrim Taim, and offers his services to Rand. Rand has declared an amnesty for all men who can channel. Asmodean meets his fate a second and final time, slain by an unknown killer. Morgase, unable to find help elsewhere, prepares to enter Amadicia in search of aid.

The Wheel of Time

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