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ATC: Live with Moghedien, 12/18/2009

Guest ATCeditor


Alright minions, it's time for Moghedien to educate the masses. I'll be gracing yourselves with my presence for the next hour. ~Moggy

Hit me up with your questions, and I'll answer them. If they are good enough. ~Moggy


@OAFaye Q: Moggy, why must you bring down the Chosen Name by being so cowardly and weak?


A: Apparently you are one of those half witted fools who goes rushing into everything fists flying? Your betters prefer subtlety.


@Matthewbwright Q: what would you do with Nynaeve if you had her alone for one hour no holds barred?


A: I would cause her ugly husband to fall in love with me, and take him over and over in front of her. Then Balefire.


@kam2112 : Q: What is your favorite adult beverage?


A: Amaretto Sour. Yum.


@nolongerlews : Q: Have you gained weight since the last I saw you, back in the Age of Legends, Moghedian?


A: Fool. I slumbered outside of time deep enough so that when I was awakened, I remained unchanged.


Q: Which of you invented train travel? After 4hrs of delays, its surely evil.


A: Aginor. He invents things.


Alright kittens, it has been fun, but my hour is up and I've got dreams to ruin. Check back again January 8th, for more of yours truly. ~Mog



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