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ATC Twitter Live with Balthamel, 12/12/09

Guest Balthamel



Q1: @LiterateKnits: What's your favorite and least favorite Christmas movie?

A: Least Favorite: Miracle on 34th St- That Santa was obviously off his rocker. Favorite: A Christmas Story- kids and bb gun accidents=Win.


Q2: @nelalhurcran: What in the WORLD possessed you to try and work with Messana?

A: I wouldn't call our dealings "working together". More mutual sufferance in the interest of the Great Lord trying to hedge his bets.


Q3: @DarkRahien Where do you think Rahvin has disappeared to?

A: No idea, but if I'd have to guess, I'd say the reason he's missing giggles prettily and has blond hair.


Q4: @atfmb Do you take turns being Shaidar Haran's bitch or does he just pick you out at random?

A: Everybody gets a piece, depending on how asstarded you've been lately. I've not had a run-in with him since right after I got this body.


Q5: @DarkRahien When selecting minions from the populace do you interview them personally or do you have some evil H.R. department for that?

A: Depends on the position they want. General low-level minions go through HR. But particularly hot male minions I give a 1-on-1 interview.


Q6: @Patrick1389 So will there be some type of punishment for Rahvin since he bailed on you?

A: Not my decision, unfortunately.Tweeting isn't in our contract, so I doubt he'll get much more than a light flogging-- and he likes those.


Q7: @Patrick1389 So when asmodeon's turn comes should we expect a "slightly" more masculine person to be the reason he bails?

A: Maybe, maybe not. My answers are just as ambiguous as the gender of his preferred companions. Could go either way.

Re- Q7: @LostDrewid That's assuming his reason for bailing -has- a gender.

A: What are you talking about? Even a sheep has a gender, man!

Re-Q7: @digitalstatic do myrddral?

A: I usually refer to them as "it", but i've never actually investigated what (if anything) they're smuggling under those black robes.


Q8: @DarkRahien Have you or any other Chosen ever had or have pets? and I don't mean the people who are compelled and kept as pets.

A: Lanfear had one of those little purse dogs that yaps, but Agi got ahold of it and sewed it's head on a Trolloc. "Narg quieres Taco Bell."


Q9: @Patrick1389 So, I'm hungry and it's dinner time where I live. I'm gonna have chili dogs. What will the Chosen be eating?

A: Lanfear: Ice cream (like every other day), Ishy: Deep fried babies, Grennie: Some hedonistic delicacy, Me: Mashed taters and steak.


Q10: @digitalstatic Which came first, the Myrddraal or the nazgül?

A: Dude..nazgül aren't real like Myrddraal. They're from a book. Jeez, stop living in a fantasy world and go outside or something. Geek.


Q11: @Patrick1389 what about the mydraal sleeping with his mom?

A: *balefires* Your question is incoherent and unintelligible. Try again.


Q12: @DarkRahien So what is your personal way dispatching those vermin who come to your door know as carolers during the holidays?

A: I've never actually *seen* a caroler. Where do you live, the 1940s?


Don't forget to tune in to us every Friday on twitter at http://twitter.com/askthechosen to listen to myself and these other 12 pusbags answer your questions, live.



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