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ATC: Awwwww...puppies!

Guest Be'lal


Dear Chosen,


So I was just wondering, what is your favorite animal? Do some of you guys like cats? Dogs? Whales? I am curious about all of you and I'd like to know. Personally I love Walruses.




P.S. Rahvin, were you stalking me? Cause knowing what I had for breakfast that one time is a little creepy...


Dear Shayna,


At the moment, my favorite pet is a mudfish. I love to play russian roulette with you mortals, making you eat it never knowing if it will be poisonous or not. Great fun!






I personally enjoy raken. We were never able to discover flying with the One Power, thus I enjoy using them for such purposes.



To'raken in flight...afternoon delight!


Dear Shayna,


I am rather prone to wolves... and tigers. Why? Because they are packed full of killing fury!!


...and they are fluffy.




I like ants. Unlike you puny humans, they know how to behave like a proper army. They are organised, disciplined, and would never dream of surrendering.

Thinking about it, maybe I should bring out my ant farm, and conquer a city or two with them, just to prove my point.




Dear Shayna


My favourite animals are Fades. Besides being all dressed in black, which is way cool, they have that whole "fear the eyeless stare" going for them. It's so cute!



Warm and fuzzy for the Fades


Dear Shayna,


My favorite animals are cats. They come in all sizes, know how to hide from their prey and the moment you think you're safe, they sink their teeth in you. Even the little domesticated ones are ruthless. They get what they want, when they want it. They have a house full of servants who think they, themselves are the master, when everyone knows that isn't true. In short, they're very easy to identify with.






I enjoy intelligent animals, such as Semirhage or Demandred, but I am not so fond of foolish animals like the rest of the chosen. A fool can have their purpose too, though.


- Ishamael





I LOVE LIGERS! It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a lion and a tiger mixed... bred for its skills in magic.


Felines and Porcupines,

~Aran'gar Balthamel


As unsurprising as this might be, I like frogs. Not only do they make for a good meal, but a large number in one area makes for a near-musical experience. It can actually be rather relaxing. I remember one of my contemporaries in what you call the Age of Legends once wrote a small concerto that was meant to resemble frogsong. Rather horrid little man, though. I rather enjoyed plucking out his eyes.



I don't like animals.





You stole my animal, Balt! Everyone knows that *I* love Ligers more than you!

I even drew one during craft time at my court mandated anger management program! See?




Try being original, for once!



Ummm, Sammy,


Why does your tiger have enough "junk in the trunk" to rival Beyonce' ? I think he stole her hair do, too. It concerns me.





don't listen to Sammael! The guy's been jealous of my creations since day one. Look at what a pathetic show he's pulling with this tiger/britney spears/alien-suffering-from-anorexia thing. Seriously, he has issues.




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