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AtC Live w/Asmodean, 11/20/09

Guest Asmodean



Asmodean says: askthechosen has hijacked my character* Dear Asmo – would you do me a favour and be a little funnier - you’re ruining my reputation.


Dear Imposter... Great Lord, you're gorgeous! It's about time I found a beauty equal to mine! Too bad you're me, though... -Asmodean




Kam2112 asks: Who killed Asmo?


Answer: *balefires Kam2112* I'm not dead!




OAFaye asks: Asmo,why are you so awesome?


Answer: 'Tis because of the Shadow! Join us, and you shall be awesome, too! -Asmodean




Mr_Zurkon asks: If no one has killed Asmodean, Mr. Zurkon would like to know if HE can kill Asmodean.


Dear Mr_Zucker, No. Go play with a Trolloc. -Asmodean




nelalhurcran asks: So who was in the closet?


Answer: Sammael and Demandred. It was... so wrong... It scarred me for life... -Asmodean




brittonyhodgins asks: Asmodean, whats your favorite food? and What do you miss most about the age of legends?


I'm a big fan of stir-fry, actually. Odd, since I was actually a vegetarian in the Age of Legends. That was for appearances, though.  Everyone was a vegetarian, then. The thing I miss the most about the Age of Legends? I miss the music. There was far more that we could do then that is lost to you mortals now. Every time I try to revive it, though, it seems that nobody is interested. -Asmodean




jaxor asks: Asmo, The Dark Side has cookies- what do the chosen prefer for their afternoon snack?


Answer: Doritos. -Asmodean




nelalhurcran asks: What do you use to write your compositions? Any special program, or just tried and true ink on paper?


Pen and paper is the only way to do it. Computers have no soul, no emotion. True emotion is found when you write for yourself. -Asmodean




ragallegos asks: How upset were you at Lanf..Spelling for making that shield against you to prevent you from channeling too much.


Well, I have to say I was a bit irritable. However, look at her. She's so pathetic without her little Lewsie-poo. -Asmodean




The Impostor asks: Dear Asmo-Me, I will balefire Asmo-Myself, just to be rid of that crazy voice in the back of my mind. *Points*


That's not really a question, but I have one for you. Why destroy such beauty, such perfection. Would we not be better together? -Asmodean




ragallegos asks: Any particular kind of Doritos? I personally like the original ones. No modifications for me thank you very much.


You know, not really. We eat whatever Shadar Haran decides to buy. Fortunately, we convinced him to stop buying Taint-flavored. -Asmodean




Mr_Zurkon asks: Trollocs are too stupid for Mr. Zurkon. Mr. Zurkon prefers pompous harp players.


How about a pompous "musician" period? I hear Miley Cyrus is in town. -Asmodean




gmreynoldsjr asks: Doesn't all this Balefiring worry you that, you know, you might unravel the whole thing?


Dear GM Goodwrench: Have you not seen our mission statement? Break the Wheel? Remake the Pattern? This ringing any bells? -Asmodean




Graendal asks: Did you ever get revenge on Lanfear for the shielding incident? No matter how pathetic she is, you have appearances to keep.


Ah, nice to see you, Grenny! I actually dyed all of her clothes black. Figured it would help with her whole "emo" attitude. -Asmodean




Grenny replies: Nice to see you too! I doubt it helped much. Nothing will help her eemo attitude but getting Lewsy-poo back. *gag*


No kidding! When you have to wipe your eyes with a sponge, then you might be a little too obsessed. -Asmodean




nelalhurcran asks: Why don't the Chosen do a podcast? There's an open market for WoT themed podcasts right now.


I'll tell you why: getting us in the same room is akin to bringing a torch into the dynamite shed. It wouldn't be pretty. Besides, the censors would never be able to keep up with Sammael. -Asmodean




LiterateKnits asks: Dear Asmo, apart from Balefire, how do you convince a bad singer to stop singing and never sing again?


I did this a few times in the Age of Legends, actually. I would start by tearing out their tongues with the Power, then burning their larynx to ash. Then I'd murder their families, just because. I wouldn't recommend doing that, though. People ask questions. -Asmodean




jaxor asks: When a member of the chosen is brought back, do you get to renegotiate your contract for a better rate, and better insurance?


Great Lord, no! When we're brought back, we're fortunate if we're even allowed to keep our old gender! The Great Lord does not tolerate failure, and dying is seen as a failure. It's always a fine line with Him. -Asmodean




purplekittybear asks: Do you ever miss your time of instructing RaT, and do you miss his company? Does its loss make you lonely at night?


Dear Choking Kitten, AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! That shepherd never stopped whining! I'm glad to be rid of him! -Asmodean




brittonyhodgins asks: My husband refues to read WOT cause he says it will take him 6 months. How do you respond?


Compulsion is generally a good way to go in situations like this. If you can't channel, then threaten to start removing parts. -Asmodean




The Imposter opines: That's just sick - even for me.


Answer: Get your mind out of the gutter! You're a musician, not Lanfear! -Asmodean




Graendal asks: What if the Great Lord turned you into a Saiden wielding woman? Or a Saidar wielding one with a terrible voice??


Being a woman could be interesting. Might offer a new view on composing. One who couldn't sing? I'd kill myself. -Asmodean




kam2112 quips: not to mention a whole new world of entertainment possibilities.


Kam, music is satisfaction unto itself. I'll leave the hedonism to Balthy'gar. -Asmodean




kam2112 replies: What not even a little Rock Star in you?


None at all, Kam. The motto of the rock star is, "Live fast, die young." My motto is, "Live forever, kill the flotsam." -Asmdoean




LiterateKnits asks: I've got another for you: How dull was Stupid StupidHead (RaT)'s taste in music? How often did you play March of Death?


The shepherd had no taste whatsoever. He couldn't appreciate a musical joke, a tone poem, or anything that wasn't likely to make him... "harder". And please, let's keep the Balthy'gar thoughts to a minimum here. He had me play that bloody tune every 2 minutes! -Asmodean




jaxor says: Under the circumstances, it might be a good idea to get a new philosophy


Why? With all the no-talent "musicians" in this Age, I'll be entertaining myself with their deaths for years! -Asmodean




kam2112 retorts: yea but then you get a Keith Richards


It's a little known fact that Keith Richards has, in fact, been dead for about 20 years. All the drugs have turned him into a cognizant zombie, though. It's a bit sad, actually. The poor creature only wants to rest, but the drugs make him keep putting on shows. -Asmo




Portalstones asks: Ever do anything controversial to raise your evil-musician cred - like punch a cat for the sound effect?


Yes. My most evil contribution to music: "Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down," et cetera. -Asmodean



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