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ATC: The Old Forsaken's Retirement Home?

Guest Balthamel



Question for all the chosen


Currently the majority of you are embroiled in war with the light. Infiltrating, killing and whatever else takes your fancy. Eventually the seals of the Great Lord's prison will fail and victory will fall to the shadow. My question is what do you plan on doing after the war is over? With no armies to destroy, no dragons to slaughter, nothing more to conquer.. what will you do to occupy yourselves?



Curious Child x

In the end, there can be only one. And there will still be plenty of toys for me to play with.



Intends to be The One



"there can be only one."


Are you kidding me? Who do you think you are Semi-- Highlander? You need to put down the 80s fantasy movies and get with the program. You're never going to be Nae'blis if all you do is spend time on the couch getting fat and watching bad VHS tapes (or maybe you're using Betamax; wouldn't surprise me).


As for you, O Curious One, I intend to spend my time after the inevitable triumph of the Dark in the best ways I know how-- drinking, wenching, and sleeping.


Sunshine and Slipknots,



So you're going to make your base in New Zealand, Doubly Bubbly? Making nice with the sheep is the only way you'll get any "wenching" done.



Highlanders Fan since 300BC

New Zealand wouldn't be bad-- gorgeous scenery, fierce native dance styles to learn (I *do* love to dance), and beautiful men and women to fall to their knees before me. And even the sheep are less hairy than your legs, Semi. I'm going to give you a secret to my success: Nair. It's amazing.


Romances and Razorblades,


If this were one of those moving pictures you are so fond of, you'd see me shaking my head at the pair of you.


Seriously, once the world is conquered again, I plan on getting into Hollywood and starting my own film studio. I'm getting very angry with the way horror movies are going these days. I mean, I could've made the remake of Children of the Corn SOOO much scarier than that drivel. I understand Paranormal is more in line with my thoughts on horror. Although, it didn't turn anyone into babbling zombies when they left, so, as you can imagine, there is room for improvement.





There is always something to conquer. Always. Whether it be some young upstarts thinking they actually know how to wield their pathetic version of the One Power, your dear sweet Daddy, or the poor simple citizens that need to be shown the error of their ways, to help them embrace the greatness that is the Dark through tormenting nightmares for the rest of their days; conquering is always available as a past time.






You see, unlike my fellow Chosen I actually understand what the Great Lord will do once he breaks free of his prison. And sadly, curious child, you are closer to the mark than any of the other fools who think of themselves as Chosen.


However, as basic philosophy is well beyond the minds of you puny mortals in this age, I will not go into it any more than that, as I have better things to do with my time than spell out your doom to you.


- Ishamael

Morning dear,


Nevermind these simpletons, they do not know their front from their backside most times. Letting them think they'll make Nae'blis is just one of the Great Lord's ways to show his considerable sense of humor. What I will do once the Shadow rules in it's proper place? Well, I've heard the mortals speak of a thing called vampires and my hands itch on starting some experiments to create some of those. There will be no foolish sparkling in the sun, though. That's just nasty.


You look like a fine specimen. Care to join me and be marked for greatness?


Eager Osi

Dear Child,


Please note that in the end, I, Be'lal, will be the true ruler of all.


This provides numerous opportunities for drinking and random destruction!


Nothing says fun like leveling entire mountains with the One Power while completely hammered.


When all peoples are dead and gone, we will resort to destroying the country-side. It's all about staying busy, you know?


...that, and.. THERE CAN BE ONLY ONE!!!!


*Unsheathes his sword and rushes Semi!!*



*watches the two idiots flailing about with their swords*


See my eyes, see eyes roll.


*notes that Semi and Be'lal are about to behead each other*


Make that see heads, see heads roll!


Lots of Laughs and Acid Baths,


Once I have chopped that pesky LTT into tiny bits, and fed the dogs with them, and then given the dogs to the trollocs as a nice evening snack, I am thinking about a career in advertising. After all, a traditional global war has nothing to put up against that when it comes to vicious ruthlessness, while still demanding a mind capable of coming up with brilliant strategies.



*Glares at Belly*


You forgot to switch Queen's music on! I won't play with if you don't switch it on. *Throws some puppies at Belly then goes to sulk in the corner, sniffing at Balty on the way past.*



Has a headache

Aw come ON! I was so ready to watch you freaks knock each other's heads off with those overgrown meat cleavers. Talk about a letdown.


*throws down popcorn in disgust and stomps off*


Grins and Gangrene,




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