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ATC: Anyone in the World

Guest Balthamel




if you could be anyone else in the world who would you be, and if you  were forced to be a different chosen, which chosen would you be?

(insert name here)


Dear Blank


Why on earth would I choose to be anyone other than myself? I'm tall, my legs go on forever, and people leap to obey my every wish. If they know what's good for them. And if they don't, I get to have lots of fun with them. It's a win-win situation.


If I was forced to be a different Chosen (obliterates the fool for not capitalising that), it would be ... sorry, nope - can't think of anyone.




Dear personwhoshallnotbenamed,


I'm curious about why you felt the need for anonymity when submitting this question. You better not be Sammael again, fishing for compliments. (Not like he'd get any).


As much as I hate to say it, I agree with Semi on this one. I can't think of anybody else I'd rather be. I have power beyond measure, the cunning mind of a man and the curves of a beautiful woman's body. The world is my oyster.


If I was forced to be a different Chosen....I guess I'd have to choose...anybody but Asmodean. Probably Lanfear, because I have gotten used to staring at a pretty face in my mirror and that would be hard to give up. She's not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but oh boy, those HIPS!


Bubbles and Beheadings,


I am Demandred, I am superiour to every single person in the world. So why the bloody hell would I ever want to be someone else?


If I were to be another Chosen, I would probably be Asmodean, and do what that pathetic little creep does not have the courage to do, a proper suicide. If that is what it takes to rid the universe of his whiny little "songs", I will make the sacrifice.





My answer will always be revolving. That answer is: Any Chosen who is currently ahead in the game of World Domination. If that happens to be me, then so much the better. Unlike some of these other crazies, I lean toward the practical.


~Moghedien (for now).

Dear unnamed person,


I'm sure you chose to remain completely anonymous because of so many people submitting silly names, but let me tell you that it did not truly work in your case. Sometimes not saying anything at all is just as bad as saying stupid stuff.


To answer your question, I can't imagine being any of these people. Their vices all annoy me. Whether it's an addiction to lackluster music or a lackluster man, especially when that man is himself, I find it all menial and a waste of time. I would much rather just knock off a few of these precious people and ensure my rise to the top. My only problem is trying to decide which to hit first.




If I could be anyone in the world, I would be the Nae'blis, of course. Which I shall be, when the time is right.


As to which other Chosen I would be... there are none to compare to me. The men want me, the women want to BE me. I'm the total package.



I am the Nae'blis, all the other Chosen (and soon all the world) will bow down to my will. I do not need or want to be anyone else, and cannot be forced into the role of one of the other petty Chosen who are busy scheming for my spot of power.


You, nameless, would be better off as a dung heap, as then at least the Aiel could use you to keep themselves warm in their ever-hot wasteland.


- Ishamael

Dear Nobody,


You frigging kidding me? I'm already living in this dog of a body that is known as Dashiva. Although... if I could steal Lanfear's body, then maybe we'd finally be rid of her whining over that Lews Therin idiot. *ponders and goes off to his lab to work on some ideas*





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