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If The Dragon Reborn was a fish...

Guest Demandred


If you could classify Rand, that is the Dragon Reborn, as a fish (or aquatic animal of any kind), which kind of fish would he be? And why?

-The Demigod


Puny mortal, who do you think you are, naming yourself Demigod? The only ones other than the Great Lord himself deserving to be refered to as any kind of Divinity is us Chosen, since we are so far above you foul creatures that we basically are a different species. Who do you think you are, interupting my important planning how to defeat that clown Lews Therin, or al'Thor as he is called this days, in the most humiliating way possible by asking silly questions about fish?


Very well, if you really must know, I would say that al'Thor is very much like a dolphin. Everyone seems to believe that he is oh so bright and great, and yet, just like dolphins he is about to be caught like another tuna. Amd if you save him and toss him back in the water, he ends up doing the exact same thing again. I guarantee you, if you feed him some fish, he would happily perform tricks for you.

Phaw! Thanks a lot. Just thinking about this Dragon of yours makes me sick. If I throw up because of this it will be entirely your fault, and trust me, I will make you suffer for such an outrageous slight.





Rand, or Lews as I call him, would definitely be some sort of Sea Dragon.  Just as strong, just as deadly as he is on land.


And Demandred, don't threaten him.  It will go badly for you.  If he were ever "caught" it was only be me.






That little twerp? A Blowfish. I think the reasons stand for themselves.






Going into fangirl mode again, Mierin? You know, if you ever tried paying attention to more than your own reflection in the mirror, you just might notice what is really going on in the world.






I would think, if I really had to answer such a question, that I would wish the provincial buffoon to be a minnow.  And then I could toss him on the ground and squish him; what joy that would be!  As I've never heard of a fish that could channel, it would be deliciously easy.


I would have to steal him from the pet store or whatever though; it wouldn't be as much fun if there wasn't some sort of minor thrill to it.






Great Lord, why do we always get the idiots asking us questions?


I'd say a jellyfish.  And not even one of the deadly ones like the box jellyfish or the Portuguese man'o'war.  Just a limp, useless, harmless ball of floating slime.






I'd have to say a clown fish. Makes you laugh and scares little children. Plus he has the smell to match. The world makes sense again. Not that it stopped making sense at any point. Unless of course you count last Tuesday.






I do not associate with fish. Fish have no pain centres, so I therefore have no interest in them.


The question is utterly frivolous and a waste of our time. I propose that the questioner be given to me for correctional treatment.






Look, Demmy boy, it's not my fault if you don't like what YOU see when you look in a mirror.  *preens*


And if I'm a fangirl to Lews, so what?  He's the best.  *shrugs*  That irks you, doesn't it?  You always were second best...






Play "rug" for us, Lanfear? *smiles viciously*





Oh, Lanfear, you really are not in a position to talk about "second best", after Lews tossed you out for that dollfaced bimbo. That goth-look of yours is sooo First Age.

modify_inline.gif /Dem


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