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What's with the Namelessness?!

Guest Moghedien


So everyone,

when you win, what are you going to do next, start disney world and rot your slaves minds with fuzzy bunnies as the ultimate form of toture, you prbably don't agree and have better ideas of toture, but it works for me.  my mom is almost insane form dora and that monkey, kind of funny.  any way after you all win what will you do, since there'll be no need to scheme against anyone except yourselves for neablis.  also everyone will bow down and worship you, i hope i'm dead by then no offense, you wouldn't be nice masters, good(technically evil, but good at evil...if that makes sense) ones, but not nice.


"Dear" Whomever you Might Be,


Firstly, thank you for proving that today's tongue is truly the Vulgar tongue.  I swear, civilization collapses, and we come back to 'lol' and 'asl'... whatever those mean.  I'm sure Asmodean would know; he always seems to enjoy immersing himself in what passes for culture, no matter the Age.


As for my plans when we win?  I'm going to open a bank and take over the stock market, I think.  After all, it would be very nice to get my hands back into that which I knew from my prior life.  I was quite good at it, even if the losers presiding in the Hall of the Servants couldn't appreciate my methods.  Not my fault they're so hung up on their 'rules' and 'ethics' and 'morals' that they cannot appreciate having a well-lined pocketbook!






Ishamael: When we win, Shai'tan will rule this world, and remake it in his image. At that point I intend to select those people of the highest intelligence level, perhaps I shall take this worlds Chess Champions (the only decent game this age has) and teach them the ways of my own games, so that I may enjoy an actual challenge. I shall also continue my studies in philosophies, as there has been a handful of decent philosophers since I was locked away.


Torture is boring, and not something I generally wish to indulge in, I'll leave that to Semirhage. I don't understand your obsession with rabbits, but it is childish and goes to show the total lack of sophistication in this age. Maybe someday you will wake up and grow up, you and every other fool who thinks too highly of themselves.



Mesaana: Might I say that the urge to take a correction pen to your e-mail is nearly impossible for me to resist? I wonder if that sweet woman from the last Harry Potter movie will loan me that fabulous pen of hers. I bet we could fix your grammatical errors pretty quickly.


Now, let me see if I can pick a question out of that e-mail. What do I plan on doing after we win the Last Battle? I believe I shall turn the White Tower into a school. I mean a real one. I shall fill it with my kind of students and we shall slowly get these wretched adults back where they should be; under my thumb.


Graendal: Well, my first agenda would be to change sea folk's name to earth folk. Let them tackle that, ey?  ^_^ Then I will let the BTers keep the BT initials, but change its meaning to Brothel Town or Blueberry Tea. I'm still conflicted between the two options. I will conduct breeding experiments with the Aiel to weed out red headed, green eyed females because no one, by law, would be allowed to be more stylish than me. I will get me a few wolfkin pets and, finally, change the name of the Band of the red hand to the Band of the red d**k.


Demandred: I am planning to host some kind of show on this crude devise you call television, so I get all the spotlight I deserve. Having kept such a low profile as i have since breaking out of the prison has started to bruise my ego, and we can not have that.

As for what the show would be about, I am thinking along the lines of gladiator games, with a guaranteed minimum of 500 deaths every show.


Semirhage: Dear Junior School Dropout,


My first order of business would be to hunt you down, stake you to the ground in a spreadeagled position and have bunnies nibble at your exposed parts until you learn how to spell torture. After that I would take a well-deserved vacation in the Siberian salt mines.


Mesaana dearest, please do not allow yourself to become overwrought. Wrinkles are not becoming.


Mesaana: The only thing I'm worried about "becoming" is Naebliss once we off that bloody pigmy trolloc the Great Lord chose in my stead.


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