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What does a Chosen listen to?

Guest Mesaana


Dear Chosen,


What is your favourite pastime? Mine is playing Guitar.

Also, what's your favourite music band from 1960 up until now? I'm sure Asmodean has 'a few'. However mine is Led Zeppelin.


P.S. - Don't say anything against Led Zeppelin or I'll balefire the lot of youse! I mean it! Grrrrrr!





Dear Blackadder,


First off, I'd like to say that threatening a Chosen is never a good idea. You happen to be lucky, this time, in that I don't mind Led Zepplin. Neither do the people put in my prison for daring to thwart my patience with their nonsensical chatter and big-headed threats. Balefire, indeed. That's a wimp's way of handling any situation, in my opinion. But that wasn't what you asked, was it?


I find that I'm rather eclectic in my musical tastes, these days. If I'm in a particulary violent mood, Speed Metal and Gangsta Rap usually suits my mood. Whereas, if I'm hiding in this little college the modern world calls a White Tower, college rock and some harder pop help me blend in. I must say that boy bands and girls who think they can sing are among my favorite torture items. Who needs a cat o' nine when a little Britney has the same affect? Don't even get me started on that other Simpson brat.





PS- You're my favorite font. Thought you'd like to know.




You think to threaten the Chosen and get away with it? Mesaana and myself might be lenient enough to let it slide this time, but the other Chosen don't tend to handle insults so well. Led Zepplin is a very good band, I do agree with you. I do enjoy some softer rock as well, Keane can be very soothing after a night of destruction.


As for Britney Spears, well, you've seen the tabloids and everything else about her. That is her punishment for displeasing me with her music.


- Ishamael




Dear Blackadder, my favourite song is the one sung by those foolish maggots who thought they would get away with threatening the Chosen, only to find themselves in the hands of Semirhage. She can make such as you sing the most fascinating tunes when she gets the inspiration, and I must say, I find it most soothing to listen to.

And I think I will soon have you join her little choir.






What if I want to speak against Led Zepplin? What if I think LEZ Zepplin is all the more superior? And what makes you think for a second that you could take any of us out, you foolish mortal child? I swear, the impertinence of these children today... I could almost give you to Graendal to 'play' with.






Almost... *sniffles*


*retouches makeup*


*sniffles more*







Oh for the Great Lord's sake... here Graendal, it's an early Christmas present! *forks over the questioner*


Happy now? I swear...







*balefires Blackadder* Don't make a threat if you can't follow it up.


My favorite bands are (at the moment) Rolling Stones, Nightwish, the Philadelphia Philharmonic, Mannheim Steamroller, and Trans-Siberian Orchestra.


As for Led Zeppelin, well... let's just say that anyone who plays guitar will say Led Zeppelin because of 'Stairway to Heaven'. It's as bad as 'Iron Man' or 'Freebird', maybe even worse. Seriously, if those are among the first songs you choose learn on the guitar, you should really reconsider your reasons for owning said instrument.




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