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ATC - bondage...erm, bonding?

Guest Graendal


If you were taught how to do bond a warder, which person/people would you bond and why?


Another issue: If you were forced to become a warder, whom would you prefer to hold the bond from the following groups?

-Another Forsaken

-Black Ajah (either tower)

-Darkfriend Ashaman

-Darkfriend other channeler

-Light-sided Ajah (either tower)

-Light-sided Ashaman

-Light-sided other channeler






dear mb,


I would have to say a tinker! I'd try to fix that distorted fashion sense of theirs that seems to be hereditary O_o I am hoping that my attributes will transfer through the bond to the tinker, and perhaps it will mend the mutation that caused the poor color selection that seems to go from generation to generation. I want to make a difference!


And If I was forced to become a Warder I'd choose to be a Warder of a Light sided Ashaman. They're so cute! Plus I'd probably end up shooting my brains out just to make my bond mate suffer and take one for the team ;)







Moghedien: Why would I want to bind myself to another like these primitive sorts do? I have no need to haul around the dead weight of another in my work, so this has got to be the most ridiculous question posed to date. And considering how ridiculous some of these questions have been, perhaps we should give this person a medal or something. Preferably embedded in the skull, just to make the point extra-firmly!


Now, if you excuse me, I need to return to my 'Incentivization for Dictators' course; I'm learning all sorts of neat things about 'rewarding' my lessers. Which, of course, is pretty much everyone.


Sammael: Wow, you can certainly tell when a Lightfool is asking a question. How about after we bond, we live in a house with a picket fence and watch Leave it to Beaver all day. Bonding is for the weak. Aes Sedai in this new age are weak. They need warders to fight their battles for them because they have laws that make them weak. Tel Janin does not need a warder to win a fight.


Ishamael: I would bond many people from many groups and races, so that I might be able to study them and work on my philosophy's I have in the works. Eventually I would kill them all off, or even find a few that have bonded each other and kill them off too, so that I might be able to observe the effects. Bonding is such a fascinating study, I could spend years going through it testing everything about it.


Graendal: Unlike you, dear Ishy, I don't need to bond people to have them follow me around ;)



Ishamael: No, you tend to resort to cruder methods, such as compulsion and nudity. Seems more like a step down than a step up to me.


Graendal: Aw, darling, if you wanted to have some fun with my boys, all you had to do was ask :) I'd probably say no, but at least you'd provide me with some sort of entertainment, for a change.


Ishamael: Whomever said I wanted any of your toys? I prefer test subjects that have the ability to think. I'd have once expected you to look for the same quality in your pretty's, but I suppose you wouldn't, as you'd hate to be made to look bad dumb by what you think of as nothing more than an object.


Sammael: Quiet down Ishendal and let others respond.


Ishamael: Oh, sorry Sammael, didn't see you there. There was a waist high table blocking my view...


Graendal: I guess I'm not the only one into leering at objects after all :p


Lanfear: I wish I _did_ know how to bond! *stamps foot prettily*


I could finally have Lews under MY control, instead of- well, never mind that.


If I were to be Bonded, I would want Lews to hold the Bond. There is no other worthy of me.


Mesaana: I have to admit, given the list, that I'm terribly unimpressed. I'd also have to admit that having someone dogging my steps every minute of the day would get horribly annoying. Thus, bonding is pointless and a habit I find rather comical. I always did enjoy a man being brought to his knees by a little fringe, though.


On the topic of being bonded, I would say that I wouldn't need to resort to Grendy's methods of exacting pain. I would set out to drive them mad and I would not rest until the dimwit who thought to tie me down was clawing their own eyes out and stabbing pencils in their ears, just to avoid seeing and hearing me. I've heard some bit of the pain would transfer, but at least that way I'd know my plan was working. It's lovely when a plan comes together, isn't it?


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