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ATC - Pranks? Pranks!

Guest Ishamael


Dear Chosen,


As many of you may or may not know today is a holiday known as Holloween. A day celebrated in many different ways, from giving of treats to parties to my personal choice playing pranks on others. So given that I was wondering if you could pull such a prank on Rand al Thor, his friends or even each other what would you do and who would you to it to?


Yours Truely

Dread Lord McFufu


P.s. Is it just me or is Ishameal perfect for Holloween? I mean come on! He looks like a Jack O' lantern on feet with the fire for eyes and his mouth.


Dear Little Bunny McFufu,


who went hopping through the forest...


Firstly, I have been awake for only a short time in this age, and already you've shown that I have a better grasp on your language than you do. The word is Halloween, not Holloween. Instead of worrying about the possibility of my face showing up trick-or-treating at your door, you should pull out a dictionary and learn how to spell.


And the idea that my face is likened to a carved pumpkin is insulting to say the least, for pumpkins are generally either very boring smiling faces, or contain exceedingly phallic imagery. My face is actually terrifying, and if you ever were to see it, you would never sleep again, either in terror that you might see it again, or because I've ensured that you will never sleep again.


Halloween, I've noticed, is a time where a large number of children dress up in costumes that they want to be scary, men dress up in costumes that are usually very phallic or just crude, and women all dress like sluts. The eggs and toilet paper that you use in this age is also very abused and not exceedingly amusing from anyones perspective. Pranks in general tend to be very boring, and unfunny, and I will not waste my time engaging in them. However, there is one that I did enjoy. There was a vending machine, when I put my dollar in the machine and pressed their selection, the door opened, a midget cracked their can of pop. put a straw in it and handed it to me. It is too bad however, that this was nothing more than a prank, as this would be better available as a service that every vending machine should offer. Then we might actually have a use for this worlds midgets.


- Ishamael


Mesaana: It's too late, now. You may as well change your name to Jack and be done with it. Poor Ishy, reduced to a Halloween decoration.


Moghedien: Who says that I haven't already? Let's just say that I can only hope they don't need to use the bathroom anytime soon...


Demandred: I remember one year when I held a lottery in a town for this holiday, and all the winners got fed to the trollocs. That was a very good prank.

Unfortunatly, even though the lottery of course was rigged, so Asmo was one of those who won, he managed to sneak away while I was instructing the barwench how to properly mix a Dry Martini.


Graendal: I remember one Halloween I didn't put on makeup and people kept running away from me, screaming at the top of their lungs. I didn't quite know what to make of it. But I felt pretty damn special!


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