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What do you want to see from the Band of the Red Hand ORG in 2009?

Guest BandOrg


In order to make the Band of the Red Hand ORG a better place for DMers as well as our current members for 2009, I am holding a huge review of the ORG. Banders are discussing things associated to activities open to members (for example, our dice based ORG Game, the bi-Monthly Regimental Competitions, The Hornsounder) and how they could be improved should you join up with us.


I am also holding a discussion on our public board at DM open to everyone (Banders and non Banders) highlighting our planned activities to be hosted on our boards at DM during 2009. We are DM's music and travel ORG, and I want us to be your stop off point to discuss things associated with our ORG themes. The activities are based around these two areas, and I want your input into making our public boards a more accessible place for everyone at DM.


Activities that are being planned for the forthcoming year include:


- Another Battle of the Bands contest after the success of the 2008 edition

- Regular knock out competitions to determine favourite songs and groups

- A Holiday Location Battle to determine the dream location of DMers


That is just a taster of what to expect for 2009. Further information can be found in the link below, and I look forward to your comments to make the Band of the Red Hand a better place, and a place you feel you can visit to discuss music and travel and enjoy the experience.

Direct Link to the Discussion Thread


I will look to take your views on board when planning our activities and hope to see you around our boards in 2009.


I will also take this moment to wish everyone at DM a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.




Band of the Red Hand ORG Leader


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