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Ask the Chosen: Shortest. Question. Ever.

Guest Asmodean


Tina inquires: "Why did you leave rand?


Well, my dear, let me ask you a question: if you had to spend your every waking moment with a whiny little farmboy on a power trip, would you escape at the first opportunity?  I know I would, and I did.  Listening to the boy going on and on about duty and mountains and death and his troubles with women grew bothersome in a hurry, and I value my sanity (if you can really call any musician 'sane', that is).


Or, if you want the short and simple answer: I left because he was an idiot.


Now, run along and find yourself something shiny to occupy your simple mind.  The grown-ups have evil plotting and composing to do.


Grendael: Obviously this Homo-sapien is not aware of Rand's poor hygiene *wrinkles nose*

Who'd want to be around that, honestly? Also I suspect Ashy was too much of a man for Rand. Not that it's a difficult task to accomplish  >.>


Moghedien: I still think you're mad for sticking around as long as you did.  Whatever limited knowledge you've managed to glean off of this provincial yokel simply couldn't be worth it, no matter how highly he thinks of himself.  Or moreso, how highly our insane little Lanfear thinks about him; she really needs to get her picker broken when it comes to relationships.


Mesaana: Don't get too confident in your place around here, little musician. Being more of a man than the al'Thor kid is like being the biggest elephant in the zoo. Sure, you can break down more walls than he can, but you're still the one getting pointed at by the kids on a field trip. I'm sure you could write a song about it, if you try really, really hard...


Asmodean: Funny thing about elephants, Messy... they tend to squish spiders without too much difficulty...


Moghedien: Silly boy, I think your drug-addled mind has somehow gotten myself and my.... compatriot... mixed up.  Really, I'm sure all the 'cool' kids are doing cheese heroin, but that doesn't mean it actually makes you a better musician.  It's obviously not done a bloody thing for your comprehension skills or memory!


Grendael: You know, with the right set of elephant skin, you can make a lovely bag with a matching wallet.


Sammael: They had to break up sometime.  Oh... I hardly pay attention to Asmo... I had thought they were dating or something....


Mesaana: The tusks, Graendal, the tusks. That's what everyone's after in this age. I wonder how much a little ivory Amso would get me on the black market.


Demandred: I think that the size of little Asmos tusks would make it hardly worth the effort. We are not exactly talking alpha male here...


Asmodean: Meh, I have all the ivory I could ever want.  Great Lord knows how many elephants died just so I could get a decent piano in this pestilent Age.  Don't worry, I'll be sure to invite everybody over some time for a dance party.  Who knows, maybe I'll even get some of you to dance to my tune...


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