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Looking for a new Freelanders Division Leader (Dragon Reborn PSW)

Guest Raeyn


As you guys have probably noticed, Lara has kind of gotten eaten up by real life.  And even though we love her lots and think she has been a great Division Leader, we're going to have to make with finding a replacement, as the Division deserves active leadership.


To that end, we're putting out a call for applications for her replacement.  If you are interested, please fill in the following form and email it to raeynsedai(at)yahoo(dot)com and owen.glendawr(at)gmail(dot)com:







How long have you been RPing?


How long have you been RPing at Dragonmount?


Why do you want to be the Freelanders Division Leader?


What do you think you can bring to the Freelanders and to the DR PSW as a whole?


How would you deal with a problem member?


In a conflict with another member, be it staff or one of your members?


What would you say your strengths are?


How much time can you dedicate weekly to the job?




We are looking for someone who is a voracious writer, good at plotting RPs, willing to be helpful and available to their members, and has good communication skills.  If you are possessing of basic wiki editing skills, this would be a major plus (and save us the headache of teaching them!).  In short - we want someone who is capable of continuing the good works that Lara started.


At this moment, we are not looking to promote any ADL, or other member of Staff.  We would like the applicants to be totally unrelated to the current Staff.   Therefore, if you are already a member of Staff please do not apply for this position


Owen & Raeyn


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