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ATC - Normal... What?

Guest ATCeditor


Dear All Chosen,


I know this might be a tough question to answer, but I thought I might ask it anyway:


What were you people like when you were just ordinary people before deciding to serving under The Dark One? ( but I guess Lanfear has other plans for the Dark One in my mind)

Like for instance when Sammael was a sporting legend, or when Graendal was a Psychologist, or even when Aginor was a renowned scientist, that kind of thing.


Sincere Regards,



P.S. - Rahvin, are you happy now that I've taken 'Le' out of my name now?


Not really sure why this is my question, but here goes...


"When you were just ordinary people"??  I'm sorry, (-"Le") BlackAdder, but I, for one, was never just an ordinary person.  I've always been the strongest, the best and the most beautiful.  And that was before I swore to the Great Lord and developed powers you could never imagine!


But as to the others you mentioned... Sammael was always a stuffed shirt and Aginor was all, "Look at my new invention, guys..."  Over and over.  Insufferable, really.






Asmodean: Before I realized the truth and turned to the Shadow, I was a success, though nobody could see past my rather avant garde approach to the arts in general.  I performed in concert, either behind an instrument or on the podium, living a world of bliss.  The Shadow took that and offered me an eternity of that very thing.  How could I refuse?


Well, if they would have told me that I'd be working with these morons, I might have taken a few more moments before signing on, but still...


Mesaana: I believe it's that attitude that removed you from the pattern, half-wit. It couldn't have been terribly blissful if you had to go begging the Dark Lord for a muse. And look what you've done with his gift. I'm surprised he didn't balefire you, himself!


As for me, before the offer from the Great Lord of the Dark, I spent far too much time talking about other people's successes and not nearly enough time creating my own. The higher ups felt that I was not qualified to run my own labs or go on expeditions. If they had been blessed with this modern media, they'd have learned that it's always the quiet ones you need to fear the most. Let's just say that, once the Dark Lord extended his offer, those brainless twits learned first-hand that some women truly should not be scorned.


Ishamael: I like to kill things. The Great Lord offered the chance to kill what I want, when I want, with no repercussions. What more could I possible want, aside from Eternal life, which I get as well?


Semirhage: I was a great doctor, able to heal and destroy with ease.  I enjoyed torturing people slowly before I healed them, but those sniveling Aes Sedai in the Hall of Servants did not appreciate my talents.  The Great Lord appreciated me and broadened my opportunities for torturing others.


Sammael:  Ummm... I think you covered it with Legend.  *kisses bicep*


Moghedien:  I am going to have to grudgingly concur with some of my associates here... how were we ever normal?  We were experts in our fields, and what knowledge we have would wither your feeble minds to know the smallest fraction of it.


Lanfear: Not just experts in our fields, but by far the strongest channels amongst those fools at the Collam Daan... save for Lews.  And he will join us.


Rahvin: Apparently Blackadder, you seem to have the mistaken impression that I care about what you do with your name. You also seem to think that I care about your mere existence, but the simple fact is, I merely answered your pithy questions because I was bored. You could change your name to "Rahvinwannabe" and I still wouldn't care enough to be happy about it.


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